Who We Are

The strings that bind are loose The love that lies is loose Among our throngs they collide Our hearts are hostage to the times Lips run red with an eerie cry One of murder, mystery, and a hope For salvation Winter stubbornly vacates the premises Yet my hands still feel so cold I never want […]

A Heart Growing Darker

Two Advil on the countertop Jack underneath my pillow Hardcore synced to the TV And a few tattered verses stuck to the wall The sun shines too brightly My alarm blares too suddenly And everyone is asking me questions The bus ride is empty but I huddle in a corner Please god don’t let any […]

Inconsequential Tragedy

I’m not in danger of losing you I’m in danger Of losing myself Poetry can be only so much of a diversion To the reality that I am slipping My mind races with dreams of eventual death Reaching a head faster than I expected Or even deserve I can feel it in my bones, my […]

Deepest, Darkness Essence

Never mind the doubters on the outside I can hardly withstand the onslaught Of tremors in my head, the reminders All the things I’ve done and said wrong And each little nugget I tried to ignore It call comes back, it comes back to destroy Confidence, control, it’s laid to waste so fast I truly […]

On My Back

I carry my demons on my back Disguised as friends of my own mind I carry devils dressed as my lovers My exes, and my accomplices I carry vicious memories dazzled in delight When I was young, bad seemed glorious I etched my name through the victorious Misgivings of misdeeds for attention For some reason […]

To Be Torn

It’s never enough to just walk away You have to cut me as you go Bleed me as you careen down the slope Of all the problems you let mount On top of me, you laid your cross Skull and bones, you made your mark Upon my heart you chose to rot And cast your […]


Time stamps IED’s on the hearts of the young Beeping, brooding underneath the skin Finish me, finish me, she screams in the dark Take all that is yours, then take what is theirs Never too early to steal a night, never too late To trample on the right Because you can never be done serving […]