Scars From History We Don’t Teach

Razors are annoying Cutting too much Too little Scarring the face, lost in the race To achieve something Four ugly scars on one side Two on the other It’s quite shameful What could they say? Nothing? Or everything? The in between is the disaster Politics are annoying Cutting out too much of the poor Cutting […]

Death In Two Pictures

Stakes and knives Burning and children’s cries Masses of madness and overwhelming gladness “We have purged the evil!” in the streets they say as they lift their skirts over the bodies that lay and the crosses across the country paint a picture of a country that’s hungry (Author’s Note: I took these pictures during my […]

Remembered, for Centuries

To the history books they are bound, and yet it is history itself that keeps them around Power, prestige, and wealth matter not. One must have come before the other, and yet it is earthly glory that keeps them bound to our imaginations, and in our creations they are born again. This life, spawned from […]

Taken: Flash Fiction On…Hitler?

(Author’s Note, from Wikipedia: “Flash fiction, also called micro fiction, micro narrative, micro-story, postcard fiction, short short, short short story, and sudden fiction, is a style of fictional literature of extreme brevity. There is no widely accepted definition of the length of the category. Some self-described markets for flash fiction impose caps as low as fifty-three words, while […]