Misery Loves Me

You don’t want the light in No You’d rather be miserable Getting attention from everyone around The support stemming from desperation Is almost worth being desperate And penniless piles of weak smiles Forced laughter On top of a melancholy life Are washed away for only moments at a time The encouragement and support Hardly outweigh […]

Sung The Blues, Swallowed Them Too

stunning seconds of solitude come from broken breaths heartbeats come less space between your ears widens deepens falling off the radar you are because nobody wanted to see the misery professionals couldn’t explain the pain just give him two of those three of these a shot of that he will stop foaming eventually so I […]

You Only Know Who You Think I Am

Poetically cunning words leaving brains and hearts humming and while you’re eager to read on you only know who you think I am late night writes with Pete Wentz in my ears in attempt to ward off nightmarish fears but I put on a smile to cover it up so you only know who you […]