Words Cannot Express

The ticket to your love Means falling down the road Before boarding your train I have to feel this pain Wringing out my heart and soul Until our children can drink it from oceans Words cannot express the amount of hatred I have in my heart Not for you, no you’re perfect Because you’re everything […]

Am I Just Fucked?

I don’t have anxiety I become afraid when you’ve caught me in sin I can stare you in the eye I do it to your girls every night I can hold a conversation because the people I watch most don’t speak I don’t gain weight I lose my strength with every release I don’t pray […]

Real Talk

  Criminal minds dance on the airwaves telling the minorities that they’ve come to save all the forgotten, all the lost peeps always a shot away from 6am news on these dark streets you can feel the beat of a glock nine or a car crashing into a stump oh, is it time for another […]

Autism Awareness Month Post One: It’s Not Enough To Be “Aware”, you MUST be “Active”

  For those of you that didn’t know, April is Autism Awareness Month. In spite of that, you won’t find any puzzle pieces on my blog. “But Devereaux, you have Aspergers! You’re ON the spectrum. How could you?” Easy answer: the puzzle piece is, to me, a derogatory symbol. Associating those on the autism spectrum […]

Fifty Shades Darker Than Dakota’s Dreams

Through the shades of my words you see the pain You feel hurt, you feel soaked in the wake of fear and shame An acidic rain of biblical proportions when I cannot live as you expect me to so I go through the motions just to impress you but I hurt me every time I […]