Therapy Session One

Sitting in the middle of the room Come on in, close the door behind you We’re starting soon Take off your makeup Throw away yesterday’s eyelashes Let me see your bare lips Bitten, bloody, and bruised Take off your gloves The marks of chains aren’t mine to choose Stand up for me, and expose your […]

Is It The Feeling

Secret lovers Just don’t talk anymore I don’t talk to you Because I don’t have to Our love is enough, these thoughts we share These thoughts are enough, though we don’t Fight fair We argue over glance and circumstance They say we don’t have a chance Why are two people like us making plans To […]

Let’s Talk About Love

Let’s talk about love The familiarity of closeness Through the drum of devotion Beating mercilessly into the nights Full of mercy and grace From the gratitude to be in place To be in this place, with you Never further, never closer Always at the right place and time Beating my conscious daily Because you’re always […]

You Thought I Was More

We bring the rain Not scattered showers Baring down upon your open soul Hour after hour Time flits endlessly through closed doors Yet I stare off in the dark People say hello, people say goodbye But there’s something different about this sky The sea in your eye Startled me at first, quite frankly You had […]

The Things I’m Not, We All Are

First things first I’m not a writer There’s nothing special about my profession Everyone writes everyday Even when they’re not thinking about it Communicating information is centuries old What makes me so bold To share it with the world Is the power and passion that flows Inside these veins, borne of a brain Taught to […]

Haley Against Everyone Else

“You’re weird 😂“ That’s what they say to me does the physiological difference drip from my lips like blood from Steve Grogan (He got hit by Dick Butkus) Ass-kissing dads desert, ala rain in the Sahara Claim to be a believer but they’re just another deceive the back covers of my books are the receivers […]

Am I Just Fucked?

I don’t have anxiety I become afraid when you’ve caught me in sin I can stare you in the eye I do it to your girls every night I can hold a conversation because the people I watch most don’t speak I don’t gain weight I lose my strength with every release I don’t pray […]

Love The Way You Lie

spell binding twists that turn time on its head, through the back door sliding through shiny black dress they say crank it whore, you now your role burning your precious hole through a little hole light my grass, inhibitions go fast where the hell is our time going speeding into a frenzied fair losing my […]