That Man

Scared to be lonely Scared to be close to you Scared to be a slave to a finger Scared to be free in myself Just scared The nighttime falls upon me so swift The nighttime falls without forgiveness The nighttime reminds of words misspoke The nighttime reminds of hearts broken Tailored For disaster, my mind […]

I Love You…Somehow Just Isn’t Enough

I love you Resting in my heart You’ve tied my hands around your face And left me speechless In the wake of my doubt and distraction Opening my love to others And my voice to you Spinning in endless circles with you I’ve found a place I can call home I found people I can […]

Session Two

It’s business This pain against you Ensnared in the Dream, no one Can rescue you The end is near And so very far away With every day you age You get younger Dumber Lifeless as a pen on a shelf Waiting to be made into the abstract Motionless inside half beating heart Comatose Living and […]

Between Bleeding and Breathing

I want to love you But I can’t There’s something sensual And quite offensive In the youth of your hands Sometimes you’re fantastic And I’d gladly lie by your side Take up your mantle Riding with you till the end of the line Shadows in the foreground Never scare me, never steal time When I’m […]

Not Breaking, But Broken

I’m still addicted to their bodies dancing in the pretense of love at night it’s sinful to desire such actions that strip away morality, security and life but that’s me skilled at little vain and arrogant in much tonight I don’t want likes or comments just some honesty for once but that’s just me too […]

Autism Awareness Month Post Twenty-Two: Where Are They Now?

I’ve turned away a lot of people over my lifetime. Some I didn’t mind turning away (like my Dad, but that’s another story), and others I didn’t know well enough to care either way, but then there’s the ones I regret every single day. The ones you see in your reflection in the mirror. The […]

Autism Awareness Month Post Four: Things That Make Me Anxious

  As an Aspergian, anxiety is easily my biggest problem. From sudden things like a last minute schedule change to watching your city burn thanks to mindless thugs that the media deem “peaceful rioters”. Even things that I do regularly can be a source of anxiety, like my weekly Teen Art Council meetings. How people […]

I’ll Open My Heart Since You’re The Fever I Can’t Sweat Out

The doctor peels back my skin to see what I’m made of Cook, he says, there’s a lot in here you should be aware of he’s nearly died countless times and attempted self-medication with girls and rhymes has him comatose who knows how long he has to live once slow to breathe, taking life in […]

Aspergians, They Can’t Know What You Don’t Say…Or Write

I’ll end up like you lost among the years drowned in a pool of tears and gagged by silent fears How such accomplishments could go overlooked is a testament to the density of human will to hide the healing truth to bury the real fountain of youth men desperate enough to kill If you expect […]