I Love You…Somehow Just Isn’t Enough

I love you Resting in my heart You’ve tied my hands around your face And left me speechless In the wake of my doubt and distraction Opening my love to others And my voice to you Spinning in endless circles with you I’ve found a place I can call home I found people I can […]

Somewhat Complacent

The sun’s coming out I think it wants to talk To me To me? What have I done Nothing really Just a mess of life Confusing mercy with right Somewhat complacent In forever being better and worse Than the man in the mirror That’s me Who, me? Always thinking of something better And doing far […]

Therapy Session One

Sitting in the middle of the room Come on in, close the door behind you We’re starting soon Take off your makeup Throw away yesterday’s eyelashes Let me see your bare lips Bitten, bloody, and bruised Take off your gloves The marks of chains aren’t mine to choose Stand up for me, and expose your […]

Our Boys Aren’t Alright

(Inspired by http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2018/02/18/desperate-cry-americas-boys.html) Home of the fatherless Roads paved by the wanderers This country is lost, losing all sense of sense Splurging dollars but scraping cents Because the boys have no essence No authority at home, we walk the lonely No leadership to follow, we become the lonely Looking up to boosters, pimps, any homie […]

I’m Sorry You Birthed An Autistic

I’ve been called a lot of names during my years jerk offs with egg heads for avatars who never knew my wishes or fears they didn’t care what I needed, or how I felt just about the life they had been so unfortunately dealt I’m so sorry you birthed an autistic this isn’t the dream […]

Taking My Own Life

I just might give up on life maybe get reincarnated and allowed to make it right everywhere I go people seem to be laughing and everywhere I go the masquerade is crashing I’m not ten anymore, I can’t hide behind my family I’m nearly an adult, even though I don’t want to be I don’t […]