Bored (Simply Writing About Autism)

I became bored Simply writing about autism I felt like every one else Just going on about the downfalls The misery, the mistakes It shouldn’t be ignored But it has its place I call it An Aspergian’s Chemical Romance Because I mix love with the acidic burn Of a childhood gone to waste The adoration […]

Nobody Listens To Me

Why should I listen Nobody listens to me When I say I’m tired, pouring on the pain Becomes involuntary Like the assumption that I’m slower Or not there at all Because I’m so still, so quiet Thinking, wondering, adding Really, you should try it But don’t ever ask how I’m feeling, no They only see […]

I’m Okay With This

Got a knack for poetry Crafting heartfelt lines Borne of an outsider Watching the world go by Never done what people said, got into trouble World’s not kind to my kind, be in my bubble Silently preying on those with open hearts Check my blogs, see a lot of orange dots I didn’t make a […]

The ABC’s of Me

The ABC’s of me Autistic, because where else to begin Broken from the people who discouraged me Cunning developed from outwitting them Dark lines brooding in irritated waters Eventually becoming open to your company Forever hating and loving it Gone before you ever said goodbye Headed to the outside of your inside Incorrect politically because […]

Everyone I Do This For

Sitting in the corner of my life I’ve relegated myself to a timeout I’m making bad decisions I keep making bad decisions Gaining yet losing I just can’t get everything right And why should I I’m just human But I know what I’m capable of Frustrated when I fall Shamed that I need to call […]

Without Words, Who Am I

I’m falling into wordless whispers Rap and pop filled nights Paint a picture behind these bridges Behind the words of these writes I’m angered, I’m restless In the pursuit of the passion For these words there is no detour This endless highway I will forever traverse In these words, they can’t get to me Stand […]

Check Please (I’m Tapping Out)

Are you happy now With the way I turned out You tricked me out, flipped me off And scorned me before the world Aren’t you delighted With the scars on my face, the crimson stains Skin dry with hunger for belonging Eyes wet with thirst for solace Tears homeless in a sanctuary of brothers I […]

Therapy Session One

Sitting in the middle of the room Come on in, close the door behind you We’re starting soon Take off your makeup Throw away yesterday’s eyelashes Let me see your bare lips Bitten, bloody, and bruised Take off your gloves The marks of chains aren’t mine to choose Stand up for me, and expose your […]

Against The Backdrop Of My Wrong

I will love you forever Through the highs and lows Peaks and valleys Crestfallen wishes litter the ocean floor My self esteem troubled, but still I want more I don’t take the safe way, but the right way Sometimes that leads to criticism Isolation happens to be my resting place And to them it seems […]

Ink Marks The Pain I Crave

Bloodshot eyes Tremble under the weight of light Stuck to bed for two days Three nights Swollen lips, burning head I’ve gone astray Some way, somehow Waging war against the body of mine Time after time we devour the lies The graveyards mark our disdain For truth Stars twinkling in the infinity on high Lead […]