Haley Against Everyone Else

“You’re weird 😂

That’s what they say to me

does the physiological difference drip from my lips

like blood from Steve Grogan

(He got hit by Dick Butkus)

Ass-kissing dads desert, ala rain in the Sahara

Claim to be a believer

but they’re just another deceive

the back covers of my books are the receivers

of my exhaust fumes

writing all day, writing to find the way

writing to make the kids who eyeballed me go away

until you’ve been the victim

you don’t understand the struggle

until you’ve been the breaking point

you don’t understand my silence

it’s where my demons hide

and I continue to fight them

“But a good weird though”


What’s a good weird?

Like you don’t think I’m a stalker or some backwards shit?

I guess you’re closer than most

to cracking the tip of the iceberg

so I spread the word, these lines get heard

with these words

my freedom lives and dies

because now you see

what I really am on the inside

outside appearance may confuse

and attempts at flirt may not amuse

but I need

this recovery

before I become

the enemy


Am I Just Fucked?

I don’t have anxiety

I become afraid when you’ve caught me in sin

I can stare you in the eye

I do it to your girls every night

I can hold a conversation

because the people I watch most don’t speak

I don’t gain weight

I lose my strength with every release

I don’t pray

My hands are always clasped together

when you’re not looking

when you are

I just need to do it quick, just one more time

look how far I’ve fallen

I lay with the vagabonds

and call them father

I grope the rank, stretched pussies of whores

at least, in my mind

for a night

multiplied by eleven years

I’ve forgotten hope and horror

faith and fear

just let me gaze your naked scars

that’s all I want for Christmas this year

I don’t need a real woman

I just need a link

I don’t need a real relationship

I just need to dream

I’ve become something far more terrible

than anyone ever thought I was

I’ve shunned every hope of a lover

SF, TL, look what I’ve done

do I have Aspergers

or am I just fucked?

See The Trees, Miss The Forest


maybe I’m misunderstood

I guess that’s okay

they can see the forest

through the trees

like I probably should

and I would

if I didn’t have this funny brain

that makes me say

things that are sure to mess up your day

I try to be polite

but being outgoing just isn’t my way

I’d rather write the night away

with the muse I play

taking back more freedom


I silently battle

because I’m too afraid to say

that I’m on the spectrum

please accommodate

Darkness Abides In All


In the midst of an internal storm….

the untold stories
of darkness prevail
over widening seas
and Hell’s Deep can hardly contain
the fire of night
waking us up
and bringing us down
we may never know the wholeness of breath
or solitude of sound
for the darkness abides in all
will you let her come around
stoke up the magic within
and burn in and of her glory
let the Phoenix be called to arms
spit lava and pumice upon the world
for poets are the volcanoes
of humanity
and within the darkness we spew
life is born through trials
see the words rise
on the wings of the wind

Published on SpillWords!



I got published on Spillwords three days ago, and I’m excited to share it with you. Here’s a snippet, and you can follow the link to read the poem in its entirety.

“You’re a classic
like a little black dress
On the outside you were perfect
but on the inside, such a terrible mess”

Terrible Mess

An Aspergian’s Thoughts On Emotions


This picture is very, very personal to me. Mainly, because it sums up what it’s like to live with Aspergers. Almost every moment I’m outside my home, I’m pretending to be someone else: this happy, open person who wants to connect with you and make friends and all that good stuff. Deep down, I’m really, really flawed. I’m too prideful to admit I have so many weaknesses, yet too afraid of the backlash from ignorant people. I don’t want to be viewed as a loner and a nobody, but when people ask what I do, and I just say  I write, I know they’ve written me off. I’m scared, I don’t know what to say, and it goes beyond being shy. I just can’t get the words out. When I’m talking to people, even if I know them, it’s a struggle just to string a sentence together. I’m stuttering, trying to say the right words. I know they’re judging me severely, noticing why I won’t look at them, or why I can’t stand still. That only makes it worse, so what can I do?

The first thing that people that I run across say that “I’m the quiet one” or “he doesn’t talk very much”. That’s because I’m too scarred to say what I really want. See, I’ve opened up to people before and got taken advantage of, so I am very reluctant to tell you anything. I could be dying, and I wouldn’t tell you. Some might say that’s stupidity, but it’s how I’ve learned to live. That’s where emotions come in. For an aspergian, we seem to be short on them, but that’s only half true. We don’t really show them in most cases, but god, when we do. I’ve had more explosive flare-ups than you’d expect from a teen boy, but this is the norm for us. Since I’m not the first to speak out about something, I’ll hold it in, and hold it in, and hold it in until I can’t take it anymore. I haven’t done this in public (I don’t think), but I am still ashamed and perplexed by it. I feel very childish when it happens, and at the same time so much more relieved. I used to have an anger problem, and while it’s one thing to blow up, it’s another to be angry too. I used to throw and break things, all the while hurting myself. I didn’t know what I was doing; it just seemed like the only way I could free myself from the pain/guilt/shame/all of the above I was feeling.

So, in regards to aspergians and emotions, I wrote these poems:

You were my picket fence

Controlling my anger,

and hiding my deepening depression derived

from fearful and anxious senses

Containing me only made me livid

and a finger to the lips

did nothing to negate that I was boiling

thousands of degrees, driven

beyond the arms of hope,

and the arms of stupid angels

that floated above those medieval pictures

I just needed a rope


I hate exercise

because no girl wants me anyway

so what’s the point in losing weight

I eat too much

because I love and hate myself

so what’s wrong with gaining weight

I don’t sleep

because I’m searching for a moment

of stability, even though I can clearly see my fate

I am content

believe it or not

because it’s not what I want, but it’s somewhat great

But I am not happy

or joyful, or particularly eager

Movements simply colliding into a quagmire of dates

I am grateful for life

and try to make the most of every day

but many days are broken lines

And I tear out nerves

with hundreds of different knives

trying to revive myself with one or two rhymes

but many days are full of broken lines

failed plots, and cardboard characters

and I stab myself looking for life hundreds of times

I crawl into another life

and hope the pain passes

under the steeple of the black rain do I lie