Love The Way You Lie

spell binding twists that turn time on its head, through the back door sliding through shiny black dress they say crank it whore, you now your role burning your precious hole through a little hole light my grass, inhibitions go fast where the hell is our time going speeding into a frenzied fair losing my […]

This Is For The Aspies

  (As of now, this is my favorite poem I’ve EVER written) This is for the aspies Locked way in their rooms Drawing, writing, reading, singing Trying to fight off the anxious meltdown Sure to come soon This is for the aspies That couldn’t get homeschooled And had to suffer in public school I cant […]

Autism Awareness Month Post Twelve: Rekindling Lost Emotions

Left with more questions than answers with multitudes unexplained is this really happening or is stiffness guiding my brain? the possibilities have me going insane but the past haunts me a cloud, without a sliver of silver, but instead horrid pain a promise never to think that way again has been broken to bits time […]