Takiwatanga Envelopes my being The circumference of my mind Is warped by the space between my hands In three steps I conquer Earth, Heaven, and Underworld Earth, for the things I can see I manipulate with ease The beauty captured in milliseconds Transforms into thousands of words Both beast and man have heard Heaven, for […]

My Impossible Year

I’ve lost all hope in humanity because I’ve lost all hope in me I’m weaker than the dust lost to the winds of the poorest farmer I’m filthier than the eyes of the thief always looking over his back I’m the Katrina to your poorly constructed soul And the Trump to your easily distracted mind […]

The Cold World (Outside America)

cold world we live in a cold world rising temperatures have the oceans whipping up super storms destroying lives, stealing homes and we scream catastrophe yet we murder those before they’re even born and we scream humanity because it’s progress giving women power to pick and choose who to kill we’re America and yet we […]

Welcome To My Yellow Tape Parade

street blocked off again yellow tape parade features no admission except the blood of a city, forever a victim   crime goes deeper than the bullets beyond the jail cells and body cam videos it’s a reminder we are sick and protest does ill in making us well   dealers only sell cause someone buys […]