You Thought I Was More

We bring the rain Not scattered showers Baring down upon your open soul Hour after hour Time flits endlessly through closed doors Yet I stare off in the dark People say hello, people say goodbye But there’s something different about this sky The sea in your eye Startled me at first, quite frankly You had […]

Not Breaking, But Broken

I’m still addicted to their bodies dancing in the pretense of love at night it’s sinful to desire such actions that strip away morality, security and life but that’s me skilled at little vain and arrogant in much tonight I don’t want likes or comments just some honesty for once but that’s just me too […]

Our Flash Fiction Marriage (Mirage)

I don’t care I never did I just wanted You To love me That’s all I ever wanted Just a moment of your time A sunset lit Front porch Late July evening With a pretty face like yours Freckled with green Lanterns in a soul Like Irish luck Poetic eyes With an R-rated mind Wrapped […]

Left Alone With You

light takes off into the abyss of memory dusk and dawn forget how to behave and I’m left alone with you skin shivering from the warmth radiating from our veins deep green eyes are the lighthouse to the end of loneliness with you fresh scars spill old blood bonding ties become undone and bruises never […]

Someone Beautiful Is Reading This

Dinning room silence Except for a kitty purring away There’s words knocking on my mind I can’t explain them away Especially not today I actually slept well last night No midnight sleepwalks Two a.m. shivers From a dream I had The night before The poet inside Comes to life And I’ll never Put it to […]

My Poetry Is

  My poetry is long awaited sunset on a lover’s winter night My poetry is a flashlight on the entrails of the horror film called Life My poetry is a camera on the heart of Titanic Beautiful but tormented Acclaimed and cursed My poetry is an anchor and a mast a tsunami and a covenant […]

Here I Go,Once Again

There’s a time When I sit down Stop writing I look at the cuts On my wrist Razorblade cuts On my neck And staring at my words Wondering why I do this Why I tell you What only god knows Breathing slowly Despite rapid heartbeats Why I love her Or hate her It depends on […]