I Wasn’t Alone (It Was An Aspie Dream)

What if I told you I wasn’t alone and I had been lying to you like her I like you (I adore you) You’re a good person (You’re my everything) I think I’ll see you soon (I love you already) The darkness peels back as the fabrics fall off silky skin Clothing lies in a […]

Only My Guilt Knows

I descend a staircase littered with shreds of newspaper and leftover condoms the lights are dim and the air, stale but the memories are bright and here, rise high my leavened bread eaten everyday by anguish shoved in my face, they know I need the drain in the center is rusted and clogged with people […]

Playing To The Beat Of The Winds

silent rolling hills grasses still as the trees standing above them watchful soldiers on the eve of battle there’s a flower garden too yellow and purple petals particularly pushy each inching higher than the other for light red brick preventing further advance Stonewall Jackson come again there’s a pretty little girl dancing in the middle […]

Fate Is For Closers, Kissing For Winners

The drummer starts to bang and the guitarist begins a heavy strum The lead vocalist guiding his band in perfect time he knows what is to come Black suits and white dresses approach under sweeping moonlight Hands reach out and faces trade smiles, some bright some small, but appreciative of all for the next four […]