Check Please (I’m Tapping Out)

Are you happy now With the way I turned out You tricked me out, flipped me off And scorned me before the world Aren’t you delighted With the scars on my face, the crimson stains Skin dry with hunger for belonging Eyes wet with thirst for solace Tears homeless in a sanctuary of brothers I […]

Between Bleeding and Breathing

I want to love you But I can’t There’s something sensual And quite offensive In the youth of your hands Sometimes you’re fantastic And I’d gladly lie by your side Take up your mantle Riding with you till the end of the line Shadows in the foreground Never scare me, never steal time When I’m […]

Left Of My Life

One light shines over the alley Dimly flickering Watching over the darkness soundly I peak an eye to wonder At the reflection it casts It resembles mine Lost in the mire, trapped in the fire Choking on flames, hardly fine Afraid of the cleansing light Running through desert, poisoned by my body Flying through oceans, […]

Not Disappointed With You

I’m not disappointed No, not hardly I’m a disappointment That’s the essence Of the presence, the lessons you learn From failing at faith Faithfully raising your hopes to get shattered Pieces in rotation in orbit around the doubt In your mind All the time, you feel like you’ve made it Level nine Then something knocks […]

Beautiful. So. Fucking. Beautiful.

Moonstruck By the empty, vague And eternally worthless Promises We were so young, easily confused And betrayed by lust We thought to angels as lovers But the demons saw the stains of others And through the slants in our eyes They told a story Anew with precious lines and petty lies We were broken by […]

I’m Sorry You Birthed An Autistic

I’ve been called a lot of names during my years jerk offs with egg heads for avatars who never knew my wishes or fears they didn’t care what I needed, or how I felt just about the life they had been so unfortunately dealt I’m so sorry you birthed an autistic this isn’t the dream […]

Aspergian Flashback: Short, White Plaid Skirt and Knee High Socks

(This poem is less about the attire, and more about the girl in the attire. Much of my life is flashbacks, mostly of things I wish I did but didn’t…) Tongue tied in so many knots mind wrapped around hundreds of thoughts I lose control of my actions hand flapping, foot stamping and to the “normal”, many […]