Love The Way You Lie


spell binding twists that turn time
on its head, through the back door
sliding through shiny black dress
they say crank it whore, you now your role
burning your precious hole through a little hole
light my grass, inhibitions go fast
where the hell is our time going
speeding into a frenzied fair
losing my virginity in your hair
tangled and tasted, pink candy so fine
wed to be a roller coaster for all time
circus lights and juvenile fights
can’t compare to our fireworks tonight
out from the depths my hand reached for you
out of cosmic chaos and mass I found you
to adore you 
and the world erupts like your flower
fire and wings of dawn inside you
clutching your throat from behind
you stare back, bare back and thin glasses
face forever frozen in wonder and awe
until even the universe folds on itself
and passes



On The Never Ending Love (That Could Be You)



Sunset falls on me again

I feel breaths rise inside

and escape through partially open mouth

sighs of relief

the doors close

they say goodnight


the poet inside springs to life

to someone I’ve always liked

talking to you always feels right

sometimes I don’t know what to say

but you always seem to know the way

what I mean, you’re in my dreams

is that okay?

sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever see you, K

eternity seems so far away

until wordplay becomes, dare I say


to what? maybe nothing

maybe years of talk and nothing else

but no matter the occasion

you’re the book I’ve always had

and whenever I’m down

I go to my favorite shelf

pour upon pages of self delight

reading your story makes me alright

and just when I’ve given up

you inspire me to fight

maybe you’re nothing

just a passing fancy of my mind

but you could also be something else

the never ending love of my life



Child Born Of Tremor and Turmoil



writing is my love

my life

the beginning and end

of an always speaking wife

we noticed one another

while drifting away from life

on the verge of exiting

she stole the knife

we courted on balconies


and windows crept through

by cellphone light

we wed four years ago

happy as could be

believing us

is all we would ever need

marriage is not

without difficulty

for to unify two individuals

someone must be subverted

to keep the peace of another

so I remained silent

pregnant by another

far more ravenous insatiable lover

and when the night falls

I run to her

begging to be spared

and spare the world

of a child born of tremor

and turmoil

agony agony I cry

why do you leave me alone

to perish

Autism Awareness Month Post Twenty: A Hypothetical Relationship Between Two Aspergians


I figured it out

figured it out from black and white

I can’t pretend to be someone else

as much as I know it would make things right

between you and I

between you and I

I can’t be like them

the voicemail to God asking to make me normal

never got returned

and all these years

with countless advances spurned

now you know why

you and I

will never work out

because there’s no room for love

in the sea of my anxiety and doubt

You know I’d love you

to the moon and back

if I wasn’t so weird

and attracted to the beauty of the black

that’s what makes this so hard

I do and I don’t

have what it takes to be with you

and knowing I’ll never have a chance

shrinks any happiness

inside these pants

you and I

destined to be watchers, I suppose

without a hand to give one another

and filled with two hearts

that will never grow

passively watching the world go round

we cover our ears

at sudden sounds

and I’d call you out to dance with me

but we’ll miss subtly

of why I called to begin with

between you and I

it seems we were made for each other

but to everyone else

we’re just too desperate

to find other lovers

or too


we couldn’t get anyone else





My Dreams Are Backfiring Worse Than A Civil War Cannon


 I’ve got a sunset in my veins

and a glittery moon in my eye

I’ve got a pocket of tiny stars

wishing you won’t say good bye

Every week

I ask the same question

but like the vastness of space

the appeal is unheard, sights go in different directions

Every week

I leave unsatisfied

courage strong, but hope waning

cause eventually you’ll say good bye

And I have no reason

to not let you go

but I’d forever be remiss

if I didn’t let you know

that your words don’t fall

on deaf ears

and your colorful, kinetic energy

clears away potential fears

Passions and ideas

span the centuries

and revelations

inspire me

I don’t know about you, but I’d love to grow old

and I hope you’d want the same

Hope you have room for one more troubled soul

because I’ve got to take a pill to make this town feel good again


Love, Sway This Aspergian Mind (The Hole Is The Likelyhood Of It Happening)


First off, I joined Facebook. You can find me under my name, Devereaux Frazier. Secondly, I got the comment thing figured out. Some of my comments on some blogs were being caught as spam, which is weird (I don’t leave links or the like), but others didn’t and everything is okay.

Tonight’s poem is on love, and all this Valentine’s Day stuff is being beamed into my head and I feel terrible. I’m single, and it sucks. Thankfully, it’s just one day, but boy…I’m counting down the hours till it’s over. I’m tense, disappointed, and hopeful for a new life, and I hope this poem conveys that…(I chose a murky painting, because that’s how I’m feelin’)


Aspergers keeps me from connecting

and in shyness I go on letting

sweet girls go by

I wish I had one

just one

Sway my mind


Another morning

another sunrise

Look! It’s almost time

to put on my disguise

so that they never know

that I think too slow

and love

that special love

I’ve never known


I guess you could say

that it’s not meant to be

that I’ll always be my own special lover

Content, but lonely

True, but only

and the chapter is the same, every single day


Confident as I am

I’d hate to die alone

Honesty and truth, I’ve sown

but without the nurturing

of a special one’s sweet love

faded opportunity

before it reached the ground above


It’s not about money

it’s not about time

it’s about unearthing the treasures

that could very well be mine

but I’m ill-equipped

to search the mines

just some pointy sticks

A step above twigs

How could I find

even the tiniest of reserves

when after years of being burned

I burn out and give up the ghost


The shadow of something

I’ve never named

but wishing

to one day claim

No Easy button, no clues to follow

just a mire of faces

and anxiety to swallow


Just Leave Me Alone Tonight…


Since my collegiate disaster, I’ve been feeling better. I’ve got a job interview on Wednesday, and I’m inching closer towards finishing my GED preparation. Given the results of my poll, I’m going to start posting my paintings/artwork from my weekly WAMTAC (Walters Art Museum Teen Art Council) meetings along with poetry. Despite the general content, I’m still me. Still the awkward, Aspie me. My WAMTAC meetings have been going better recently, but I’m still overly self-conscious of my mishaps. Numerous times I start a sentence, get nervous, and then drop the sentence. They probably think I’m stupid. Anyway, this poem is a collection of all the feelings and hopes I’ve had while I’ve been gone the last couple of days.


Dark night

tiny fright

just leave me alone tonight

tiny wish

and a crazy bitch

just leave me alone tonight

scribbled dreams

and an imaginary scene

just leave me alone tonight

broken dad

makes mom sad

just leave me alone tonight

alone at home

with wordpress emails filling up my phone

giving you an Aspergers tour

so I get a lot of Mystery Blogger Awards

just leave me alone tonight

The Chiefs blew another division title

it feels like the franchise is stuck in idle

just leave me alone tonight

Tyler, Sydney, and Tricie

They don’t miss me

just leave me alone tonight

Fall Out Boy

motivating this boy

just leave me alone tonight

I love good food

but I eat more than I should

just leave me alone tonight

Hero is Ben Affleck

just like Christian, autistic tendencies make me snap

I don’t mind volunteering

but people’s eyes, damn always peering

just leave me alone tonight

Dreams are just dreams

still staring at those too tight jeans

just leave me alone tonight

I have no friends

so to you, I press send

just leave me alone tonight

I hold this knife

to cleanse the strife

I’m gone tonight

Someday: An Aspergian’s Letter To His Hated, Yet Cherished, Lover


Someday you’ll love me

someday you’ll see my heart

and mend it back together

Someday you’ll see what you left behind

someday you’ll see my face

and take the tears place

Someday you’ll my life

someday you’ll see the empty space

and race to take it back

Someday you’ll see these nights

someday you’ll feel the pain

and bandage the maimed chest

Someday you’ll see these hands

someday you’ll touch the darkness

and put on a ring of light to cast it out

but if you never see

and instead turn me away

then I will still always love you

whether I’m living

or under any stone I lay

You touched me

and planted something within

I cannot abort what love has created

and thus I will carry it with me

for the rest of my days

#OctPoWriMo 2016 Day Seven Prompt: Tasty


“Love With A Side of Pepsi”


is your loving

your sweet, sensual loving

I can’t get enough of your love

I am addicted to your love


Pensee found in the Caulkins Handbook stresses exact syllable count and strong end words. This invented verse form was first introduced by American poet and educator, Alice Spokes. It can be found on line at Instant Poetry Forms for Kids

The Pensee is:

  • a pentastich, a poem in 5 lines.
  • syllabic, 2-4-7-8-8 syllables per line.
  • unrhymed.
  • titled







how my stimulation arouses your pleasure

points, and causes your body to rise

and fall, with each push, a moaning cry

of pain, of sensual satisfaction

Losing senses in a myriad of love, addition by subtraction

I grope, you gape

and writhe in sweet pain as I annihilate

every inch of your delicious skin

against the wall I have you pinned