Bored (Simply Writing About Autism)

I became bored Simply writing about autism I felt like every one else Just going on about the downfalls The misery, the mistakes It shouldn’t be ignored But it has its place I call it An Aspergian’s Chemical Romance Because I mix love with the acidic burn Of a childhood gone to waste The adoration […]


Sometimes, I can’t help myself I just want to be noticed I sit back in the shadows, listening Pondering the words of those around me Writing them down to question later Or to inspire another line The louder wins, the boldest wins The angriest wins, the cunningest wins But what if I am of all […]

Session Two

It’s business This pain against you Ensnared in the Dream, no one Can rescue you The end is near And so very far away With every day you age You get younger Dumber Lifeless as a pen on a shelf Waiting to be made into the abstract Motionless inside half beating heart Comatose Living and […]

This Is For The Aspies

  (As of now, this is my favorite poem I’ve EVER written) This is for the aspies Locked way in their rooms Drawing, writing, reading, singing Trying to fight off the anxious meltdown Sure to come soon This is for the aspies That couldn’t get homeschooled And had to suffer in public school I cant […]

I Don’t Know When To Quit (And Neither Should You)

I don’t know when to quit i just live wake up and smell plastic burning thats from all of you blowing up my Facebook Twitter, and WordPress having such a following is nothing short of a blessing and a miracle considering how bad I am with people but I don’t care DGAF I love who […]

The Arrogance I Shine

bent and broken my face the token of your socialite policy fears and flames awoken by the silent shaming of ears pricked up hairs peeled back when I make a statement misinterpret a joke the costume falls flat and now I’m forced to reconcile into the life and love I never had it was plain […]

I Didn’t Believe I’d Be Where I Am Today

I didn’t believe I would do anything that I’ve done today I never saw, or even dreamed that I’d be where I stand today just a few years ago I couldn’t come out the house in fear and angst at the outside world just a few years ago I didn’t volunteer and while confident in […]

Aspergers Will Always Be By Our Side

I need more routine and less surprise I need more notebooks to keep track of my thoughts as time flies I need more honesty and less romance I need you to shut up and let me listen to Dance, Dance I’ve dug trenches you’ll never see to keep all the abuse you have given me […]

I Will Never Believe In Anything Again

I will never believe again in fate or fortune and my fear of never having a lover needs an early abortion I worry too much in controlling my destiny when the very key to my wishes is already inside of me I worry too much in trying to be like everyone else what happened to […]