Between Bleeding and Breathing

I want to love you But I can’t There’s something sensual And quite offensive In the youth of your hands Sometimes you’re fantastic And I’d gladly lie by your side Take up your mantle Riding with you till the end of the line Shadows in the foreground Never scare me, never steal time When I’m […]

Mama Africa, We’re Coming Home

Ignite a fire in their bones Mama Africa, we’re coming home Segregated in 2018 yet we are not alone When I spit these words, I’m in my zone I don’t bust coverages, just your expectations Master of standard English this ain’t my nation Police officers killing our people, but I found a revelation In the […]

Left Alone With You

light takes off into the abyss of memory dusk and dawn forget how to behave and I’m left alone with you skin shivering from the warmth radiating from our veins deep green eyes are the lighthouse to the end of loneliness with you fresh scars spill old blood bonding ties become undone and bruises never […]

Darkness Dances On The Inside

she comes black eyes, green dress laced with white silk, delicate destructor of my pine heart strong but everlasting in failure to withstand her strikes lightning quick hands envelop me dance, she begs dance with me soon I am trapped in her wonder tears flow from seemingly ancient face yet young as a babe each […]

Would You Rather Be The Disease Or The Cure

Quiet room never empty, never full always wishing someone or something could find in it a use sitting in the heat of summer and the cool of winter initials carved in the bed frame remind the emptiness how much he misses her dust collects on unattended shelves as the shadows take off their masks and […]

The Menace Inside Makes Me Young Again

Shadows convene at the edge of every alley one foot planted in reality the other against the wall smoking cigarettes by the carton breathing in the toxic waste of a choking humanity and out come black fumes so sensual in wafting from nostril to nostril even the prostitute looks up from her slumber and pleasures […]

Panic Stricken Heart Of A Lonely Autistic

Staring at sunlight falling behind fading clouds as the crickets sing each other to sleep I turn away from the world slide down the wall trying to feel where the breaths hurt the floorboards creaking and the backdoor shaking brings back memories I tried to put them out no amount of rent could cover the […]