Left Alone With You

light takes off

into the abyss of memory

dusk and dawn forget how to behave

and I’m left alone with you

skin shivering from the warmth

radiating from our veins

deep green eyes

are the lighthouse to the end

of loneliness with you

fresh scars spill old blood

bonding ties become undone

and bruises never tasted so sweet

as I’m left alone with you

pumpkin flavored breath

seduces the fabric of my being

I’ve fallen for another

as I’m left alone

with you


Darkness Dances On The Inside


she comes

black eyes, green dress

laced with white silk, delicate destructor

of my pine heart

strong but everlasting in failure

to withstand her strikes

lightning quick hands envelop me

dance, she begs

dance with me

soon I am trapped in her wonder

tears flow from seemingly ancient face

yet young as a babe

each day

faster the music spins

the Earth seems to give up in a twirling fight

of lace and elation

at finally being loved

she clinged to me, not only her soul

but her body melting away

in my arms she relented

her past sins always forgiven

because I loved her

and always will

she gives me new breath

and ever so suddenly takes it away

she is a dangerous woman

I see it every day

viability is zero

but with her I know the way

because her spirit beats

deep inside me

beyond blood and bones

she eventually cracks

this heart of stone

and places a new song

to spin and play

to remind of the dance

we danced today

Darkness Abides In All


In the midst of an internal storm….

the untold stories
of darkness prevail
over widening seas
and Hell’s Deep can hardly contain
the fire of night
waking us up
and bringing us down
we may never know the wholeness of breath
or solitude of sound
for the darkness abides in all
will you let her come around
stoke up the magic within
and burn in and of her glory
let the Phoenix be called to arms
spit lava and pumice upon the world
for poets are the volcanoes
of humanity
and within the darkness we spew
life is born through trials
see the words rise
on the wings of the wind

Darkness Abounds In The Pretense of Light


Darkness abounds

in the pretense of light

the sun shining

casting down rays fanning out

to scour the land

snipers pointing motionless rifles

into the scorching desert sand

shadows to rise because of light

behind exalted altars of misinterpreted power

and shortsighted ingenuity

they take the sons from behind

strangle them with the same ropes

the light had tied to them

while they wasted away as slaves

an uprising not surprising

the dark takes back the light

every night

but this time, there will be no sunrise

except for heaping pile of stones

made from the pyramids they were forced to build

and upon it the shadow slaves

exalted not an idol of gold

but upon the peak

the highest sun rose

forcing the tip of the triangle

through his back

black blood poured over the lands

his heart was lifted up

as a whirling cacaphony of praise

turned the blood into a tsunami

that drowned everything in its path

the shadows pulled hoods

over ghastly, metallic faces

and ascended towards Orion

God’s will complete


Would You Rather Be The Disease Or The Cure


Quiet room

never empty, never full

always wishing someone

or something

could find in it a use

sitting in the heat of summer

and the cool of winter

initials carved in the bed frame

remind the emptiness how much he misses her

dust collects on unattended shelves

as the shadows take off their masks

and rest in this somber place of dwelling

windows rust, and sight into the world

becomes anyone’s guess

not even the Titanic herself

compares to this tragic mess

how one can fall

from the height of life

to lows

even zombies couldn’t comprehend

caught up in a whirlwind of love, lust, life

and feigned shots at immortality

does anyone even know what’s a sin

would you rather be the cure

or the disease

doing wonders behind closed doors

or all-powerful at the expense of every living thing

don’t pretend

don’t pretend


The Menace Inside Makes Me Young Again


Shadows convene

at the edge of every alley

one foot planted in reality

the other against the wall

smoking cigarettes by the carton

breathing in the toxic waste

of a choking humanity

and out come black fumes

so sensual in wafting

from nostril to nostril

even the prostitute looks up from her slumber

and pleasures herself once more

together in twilight

they burn the ashes of dead dreams

and light the fire of forget

roll in the cunning of a serpent

and blow it as sweetly as a promiscuous witch

sweeter than the honey

that drips from hardened nipples

hanging lower than the blade

of guillotines sent to punish the adulterer

strip me bare and beat me blind

I scream I’m yours, I’m yours

as the skin peels back, dancing

to half time

throwing fuel around my feet

the soul gasping for air

raises itself higher on the cross

while the aborted fetus bleats

I love the menace inside

every day I age

she makes me young again



Panic Stricken Heart Of A Lonely Autistic

Staring at sunlight

falling behind fading clouds

as the crickets sing each other to sleep

I turn away from the world

slide down the wall

trying to feel where the breaths hurt

the floorboards creaking

and the backdoor shaking

brings back memories

I tried to put them out

no amount of rent could cover the charges

of eighteen years of pain

but they don’t listen to me, they don’t care

they made fun of my name

Fearing the worst, I back into a corner

putting my hands in front of my eyes

maybe they’ll take me

take me away for good this time

that’s foolish, because they never do

enough hate to paralyze you

but just enough love to open you up

to make you do it all again

the lights outside try to find me

but I’m hidden in the deep

you can call my name

but I’m hidden in a dream

the rabbit hole

that never ends

the doctor who said I was healed

was playing pretend

I live life one third open

and three-fourths closed

hating your presence mostly

but secretly wishing

 you’ll take me home

to a place of sunshine and clouds

flowering fields and trees

to happily cry under

and removing the doubts

that have plagued me for so long

I, finally, can lift my head

and sing a happy song

If only such a place

existed in my world

If only…


Your Corpse Bleeds The Whispers Of The Dark


The light flees

in the presence of the night

Shadows long, and winds light

with the whispers of the dark

In the midst of trees

do corpses bleed

winds heavy with gifts of gore

and whispers of the dark

The land runs a ruby red

and the few, beating souls dread

the messenger who speaks

in whispers of the dark

Clouds take eerie shapes

and harlequins lie in wait

to hunt, to feed the messenger

of the whispers in the dark

A torrential downpour

does the cascade of blood roar

as the white light is pillaged

in the whispers of the dark

And all around

there is no sound

but the whispers in the dark


Death Is My Friend, Don’t Make Me Call In A Favor


Death is my friend

don’t make me call in a favor

I know how to cover the tracks, and come back for more later

See the wind blow?

Got my name on it

Ever find me?

Don’t bet on it

I make people scream

run out your home, little girl

Lie awake in deathly fever dream

blood and bile they hurl

I wake up

when you kiss her goodnight

and I don’t go slow

Make sure she holds on tight

Pour out your oil

and mumble your words

I’ll make you quick work

before anyone ever heard

Don’t wake up

for I’ll be home soon

and watch the blood

cover the moon