Silence Heals My Insane

There’s a silence That heals the insane The wild, racing part of me Never kept in check By a voracious heartbeat Dying to love you more But hiding it all in life Manic meltdowns Leading to tear soaked pages And curses uttered From bottomless agony Never meant to harm But to release me From the […]

Aspergers Will Always Be By Our Side

I need more routine and less surprise I need more notebooks to keep track of my thoughts as time flies I need more honesty and less romance I need you to shut up and let me listen to Dance, Dance I’ve dug trenches you’ll never see to keep all the abuse you have given me […]

Autism Awareness Month Post Ten: Silence Is Golden

  I don’t like to talk much. And judging by how much I bare my soul here, you’d probably think I was lying, but that’s only because I don’t have to initiate a face-to-face conversation with you. Not that I wouldn’t in real life, but it’s FAR simpler through WordPress. Anyway, backwards organizations like Autism […]