Week Two: Chiefs/Eagles Poetic Recap


(This is something I’ve started doing on Facebook at the beginning of the season)

Chiefs Eagles, Week Two
I know a few Eagles fans
Heck, I just got back from work in PA
and I’ve got a sad story for you

titled Chris Jones
always making the backfield
his eternal home

written by Travis Kelce
juking, leaping, and always dancing
better than Gronk? Absolutely
(somewhat tired of his antics)

little chapters dink and dunk at your energy
five yards here, ten there
“that’s all Alex Smith will ever be”
how about putting it in the air

down the field to Tyreek Hill, or Chris Conley
streaking down the sidelines
waving peace or just proud to be
part of ChiefsKingdom, and who wouldn’t want to be?

We’re still undefeated, but go ahead and hate
our shovel passes you can’t emulate
fall for the jet sweep and we’ll beat you deep
let you hang, then snatch victory in front of your face





I’m. Addicted

to the excitement

the rush of opening a page

the clicks

the loading bar


it’s calling

I’m falling

inside her body

Don’t. Wake. Me. Up.

I’m lost in a world

sweeter than a hundred

packets of Splenda

but just as sort lived

because they wouldn’t call them highs

if they didn’t have lows

The. Overdose. Has. Kicked. In.

I’m sweating


in a life of double minds

I must love representing

now the sun’s up

and I haven’t slept

I wonder how much life

do I have left

The Silence Within


thunder rolls in

blocking out the sun

the rain pools

it floods the grass

but I know I’m not the only one

these last few weeks

have been water and weary

from clouds and thunder

flooding so dreary

these pictures I see

now I let the umbrella go

dear god, let the rain drown me

I’m finally free, no worry or care

my eyes wet with tears

I know you’re there

the beauty enthralls

and the danger calls

if I fall

then let me be

with the nature I trust in

so faithfully

to restore herself

to beauty she once was

even if mankind

must be undone

Welcome To My Yellow Tape Parade


street blocked off again

yellow tape parade

features no admission

except the blood of a city, forever a victim


crime goes deeper than the bullets

beyond the jail cells and body cam videos

it’s a reminder we are sick

and protest does ill in making us well


dealers only sell cause someone buys

so give them reading and writing to fill their minds

not tests and awards for making it past second grade

awarding mediocrity is why we’re here in the first place


children grow up not knowing real success

so when they face real failure, they crack under pressure

drugs and booze, crime and cruise

they have pent energy that they can’t even use


government handouts make you weak

find a job, get off the couch, get on your feet

making your own money feels better

than stealing someone else’s


I grew up in the ghetto

but I wasn’t of it

I took school seriously, got a job

now I am above it


I don’t need the weed, prostitutes keep your tits in

I’m looking for something real to believe in

something I can only find in a  dream

the destiny that awaits you and me


stop blaming race, stop blaming cops

find your calling and put it on lock

cause the only thing that maters when X comes to drop

is the sum of the love inside your heart



I Don’t Know When To Quit (And Neither Should You)

I don’t know when to quit

i just live

wake up and smell

plastic burning

thats from all of you

blowing up my Facebook

Twitter, and WordPress

having such a following

is nothing short of a blessing

and a miracle

considering how bad I am with people

but I don’t care


I love who I am

no matter the comments they leave

likes don’t matter much

compared to trust

I’ve gained in the workplace

maybe I’m better than I thought I was

or they care little as I

there’s so much I want to do

and so little time

every little post, every little link

makes you stop and think

you don’t need a book to change lives

or be president to change times

you just have to not know when to quit

push back until you have nothing left to give

We Might Just Save Our Lives

hurricane irma.png

cold winds

blow over the southern store

watching the clouds

waiting for the rain

hoping the winds don’t come knocking

then feeling ignored, blow down your door

sometimes seeming to be a bore

staring into a sulky skies

when the darkness comes

and the children begin to cry

when the sun recedes

and the clouds begin to bleed

neighborhoods torn apart

the rains come in sheets

where do I start

streams to rivers to seas

is there any hope left

welcome to H-town

I do believe there’s much to see

when we look to the sky

long before the helicopters arrive


we might

just save our lives


Reflections Of My Heart


pouring for hours

it just won’t stop

but as the rain collects on the ground

I see reflections of my heart


the grease and dirt

washed away today

are my bad dreams, unforgettable hurt

only to return tomorrow


the puddles of mud

taking long time to dissapear

are the scars from everything

I wish I had never done


torrents of waste

trying to flow into tiny gutters

are the thoughts I once had

desperate to empty them in worthless days


the drowning insects

are the lives I’ve taken

without care, without denial

but not without regret


but finally, I see the work of the rain

clearing the filth away

this is me, redeeming my time

so I too might see the light one day

For Texas and Louisiana (Live Another Day)


Warm winds blow

Over dusty lands

Grasses shrink underneath bare rocks

And trees link arms

Sun is afraid to shine

Upon what is to come

They want no part

Waters rise high above us

Oblivious towards what is coming

We humans, so fictiously cunning

Berating mother earth

In danger of becoming


Once the waves come

And waters rise above the dams

Damn humanity

Damn our need to be powerful

When we should only seek

To be at peace

Now lives are swept away

By torrents of rain

Too much to drain

Now I see brave men

Drop in from airplanes

Save me please, save me

So I might live another day

For The Young People

(Nothing to do with aspergers, and more to do with inspiring others in these times of confusion. I see a lot of young people unsure of where to go, and I felt inspired to write this) 


Looming ledge

sun creeps past you

a wave of heat mesmerizes

sleeping soul beneath

under clouds and climax

I do go far into the night




for the answers never brought

to the light

but having them

solves little in the end

I need to know

how to use them

and that I am

still learning

how to do


Victorious (When You’re Autistic Like Me)


(Whew. Two book rejections in one day had me feeling down. Then this came along…)


In spite of everything they said


Even though we only get glory once dead


In these poems that are bled


In the words that aren’t said


Night and day I fight a battle against you

These feelings I have aren’t even close to new

Sometimes I feel so left behind, but you knew

Sly grin, haughty chin, it can’t be true


They say they’re active but they’re hardly aware

How I love your lips and the way you do your hair

Caught you by surprise? I see you everywhere

But the will top take your hand, ask you out just isn’t there


We’re far more alike than they ever say

But our seismic differences keep getting in the way

I could hope and dream, and I do everyday

But call a timeout, coach I can’t play


I like you girl and you would know it

If I had a normal brain that could show it

Talk to you, laugh with you, show some emotion

Barriers breaking down in devotion


But I haven’t found it

Either that, or you’re still in the closet

Don’t worry, I was there too

Afraid to be me, I missed so much, that’s true


Now I’m victorious

Autistic as can be

No longer in need of your sanity

I stand on the inside of your outside

My life, my words come from insanity

Less is more, more is less

When you’re victorious

Like me