What If I Told You

  What if I told you I wasn’t alone and I had been lying to you like her I like you (I adore you) You’re a good person (You’re my everything) I think I’ll see you soon (I love you already) The darkness peels back as the fabrics fall off silky skin Clothing lies in […]

Sick Of The Autistic

I’m just sick of the autistic genius are some interesting are none ruining my world causing my advances to become undone stimming is gross do it somewhere else pleasing yourself to lower anxiety you have less than none in sympathy from me you broken and breaking mentally divergent fool no program or grant could ever […]

Silence Heals My Insane

There’s a silence That heals the insane The wild, racing part of me Never kept in check By a voracious heartbeat Dying to love you more But hiding it all in life Manic meltdowns Leading to tear soaked pages And curses uttered From bottomless agony Never meant to harm But to release me From the […]

Panic Stricken Heart Of A Lonely Autistic

Staring at sunlight falling behind fading clouds as the crickets sing each other to sleep I turn away from the world slide down the wall trying to feel where the breaths hurt the floorboards creaking and the backdoor shaking brings back memories I tried to put them out no amount of rent could cover the […]

Love, Sway This Aspergian Mind (The Hole Is The Likelyhood Of It Happening)

First off, I joined Facebook. You can find me under my name, Devereaux Frazier. Secondly, I got the comment thing figured out. Some of my comments on some blogs were being caught as spam, which is weird (I don’t leave links or the like), but others didn’t and everything is okay. Tonight’s poem is on […]

An Aspergian’s Letter To Old Friends

If you’re an old friend (or if you’re not, but identify as one), then thank you for impacting my life in the time span we knew each other. If not, then read it as you normally would…also, my posts this month have been on the melancholy side. I’m trying to change that, but when I […]

An Aspergian Sheds Some Tears, And Light, On His Personal Abuse Story: The Aftermath

I told you that I’d write a poem based off this story (you should read the original inspiration first, here https://marylandpoetblog.wordpress.com/2016/12/11/an-aspergian-sheds-some-tears-and-light-on-his-personal-abuse-story/comment-page-1/), and I will tell you that this poem was the most difficult piece I’ve ever written. It’s that I’m writing a particular poem, it’s remembering what happened and trying to piece it together with […]

You Want Me? Guess Again: An Aspergian’s Question To The Outside World

  I get the feeling people love me, or hate me. Some people can’t stand my presence, which doesn’t bother me much because i probably can’t stand theirs, and then there are people that i just can’t seem to get rid of. Like the people that constantly message/text message/whatever me. There’s only a handful, and […]