The Love And Life Of Death

The setting is a late May evening and the sun is just beginning to wane the grasses are as green as can be the warm summer rays touch skin darkened by the halls of recluses and eyes drunk on the monotone beat of a single heart the horizon speaks to me in ways no human […]

Aspergers Will Always Be By Our Side

I need more routine and less surprise I need more notebooks to keep track of my thoughts as time flies I need more honesty and less romance I need you to shut up and let me listen to Dance, Dance I’ve dug trenches you’ll never see to keep all the abuse you have given me […]

I Will Never Believe In Anything Again

I will never believe again in fate or fortune and my fear of never having a lover needs an early abortion I worry too much in controlling my destiny when the very key to my wishes is already inside of me I worry too much in trying to be like everyone else what happened to […]

Autism Awareness Month Post Twenty-One: I Do It For My Family, My Autistic Family

Each day I come in and don my white apron smile, and polite greetings I step to the demons and grit my broken teeth leave them seething each day I make change empty powder-covered trays and laugh at Mary’s favorite team and their horrible receivers I step to the establishment and stab them in the […]

I Have Aspergers, And I Hate Myself Most Of The Time

  So, where did we leave off My eyes always drift to the edges of the room which is probably why everything always seems to end so soon Oops, I guess I forgot to say that I have Aspergers so I really don’t understand your way I’m on the autism spectrum and I hate myself […]

This Aspergian’s Rebellion (Inspired By My Painting)

The sea surrounds us and we confound thus upon entering the fuss that is “normal life” “Follow this deadline” and “Don’t forget this rule” I don’t mean to sound like a bitch but I wasn’t made from the same wool and I don’t fit like you think I should so you cast me out until […]