I’ll Never Wonder Why

There’s never a time when I wonder Why I became friends with you Sure, we didn’t like each other at first But that’s kinda the point I don’t like everyone I meet immediately Although I know immediately if I’d like you Or not And I always felt we’d come around It took time, but any […]

Between Our Lungs

A shot of vodka might to the trick Because after tonight, I’ve lost my click My niche, my passion, and my pride Kissed away by your heartache tonight Every time I’m with you, I get dragged down By your bottomless pit and decadent breath Always wishing for me to bring you up Show you the […]

You’re Never Enough For Me

I love you Resting in my heart You’ve tied my hands around your face And left me speechless In the wake of my doubt and distraction Opening my love to others And my voice to you Spinning in endless circles with you I’ve found a place I can call home I found people I can […]