Before I get to the poetry, I’d like to share an assignment I had for my college spring semester: interviewing someone in my field to learn about the field and how to succeed in it. Of course, I had to many people to choose from, so I picked on that I’ve loved for a long […]

Here I Go,Once Again

There’s a time When I sit down Stop writing I look at the cuts On my wrist Razorblade cuts On my neck And staring at my words Wondering why I do this Why I tell you What only god knows Breathing slowly Despite rapid heartbeats Why I love her Or hate her It depends on […]

Recollections Of Youthful Corrections And What They Mean Now

  Say thank you or please Don’t forget to use a fork when eating your broccoli and peas Why are you tapping your feet Stop making that sound Why do you get so quiet when she comes around Why aren’t you listening can’t you hear what I say You ignore me, constantly every single day […]

To The Bad Things…

Bad things I knew if I did them I would get attention Maybe my parents would listen Bad things Feel good at the pinnacle The high of sex is way above the typical Nothing like I’ve ever felt, measures up to nothing else Bad things Can make you seem like a star Those aspergian traits […]

An Aspergian’s Thoughts On Cheating

Cheating. I hate it. It ruins relationships, families, lives, and communities. It blurs the lines of what is real love, and what is imaginary. It teaches that it’s okay to not stand by your word, and it makes commitments seem arbitrary and void.. It makes the words “I do” a choice. I have a firsthand […]

An Aspergian Sheds Some Tears, And Light, On His Personal Abuse Story

Coming down off the high of reaching 100 posts, I’ve decided to share a little personal story for my post tonight. It’s not a poem, because I struggled to think clearly long enough to write anything that made sense. I will probably write a poem later and post that, but not tonight. Tonight, I just […]