Peace We Pursue

Follow the pathway through the trees In between the raucous crowds And over walls erected in militaristic prowess You will find the voice of truth Underneath the bed covers of youthful lovers On top of the roof where the widow sings Down in the valley of what once her domain Sounded the call of truth […]

Once and For All, Torn Apart

deep underneath the guise of dedication to fortune and fame is the hollowed out heart suffocating on its own misfortune and shame will crushed into powder to keep up the hallucination of their minds ultimate game of hunter and creation spirit and soul turned against each other a stone to the head silences any doubt […]

I Didn’t Believe I’d Be Where I Am Today

I didn’t believe I would do anything that I’ve done today I never saw, or even dreamed that I’d be where I stand today just a few years ago I couldn’t come out the house in fear and angst at the outside world just a few years ago I didn’t volunteer and while confident in […]