I Make ‘Em Look Bad

I make ‘em look bad Oh yes I do The things I write And words I speak Get their palms sweaty Knuckles weak Because I’m not dissuaded by discomfort I enjoy making you speechless And to use popular slang, butthurt But I hurt your mind more Because I know we can all do and be […]

I Take Your Equality And Stick It Where The Sun Doesn’t Shine

 I don’t believe you and it’s not hard to see why You all claim to be inclusive but judging by your treatment of us in the classroom it’s clear that’s another of your lies Failing to teach to the strengths of all your students you lose ones that struggle with forty peers so nine to […]

Purging The Disdain Of Disability and Disorder, Even If I Die

    Burn the people who hate you burn them all Their homes are dens of witches Cut them off Their children are the offspring of robots Mangle every wire Force fed through tyranny lies, manipulations, and coagulation of non-stop greed but with fire and will our people, hiding in the midst of crusades will […]

My Dreams Gossip More Than A High School Girl

Miserable but stunning Shy around our crushes but desperate for loving You’d swear under any sun that we have no role but we don’t just play the lonely one we have our passions, and we get on a roll when we’re in our field We take your stereotypes and stiff arm them to glory in […]

Just Because It Was Bad Doesn’t Mean It Wasn’t Beneficial

\   Old songs traverse paths so long Long ago, seeming to be the best way they robbed you blind stabbed you in the heart drank the blood and took everything but your life away You gotta live with more than battle wounds and traces of war paint You have to live with real wounds, […]