Takiwatanga Envelopes my being The circumference of my mind Is warped by the space between my hands In three steps I conquer Earth, Heaven, and Underworld Earth, for the things I can see I manipulate with ease The beauty captured in milliseconds Transforms into thousands of words Both beast and man have heard Heaven, for […]

Darkness Dances On The Inside

she comes black eyes, green dress laced with white silk, delicate destructor of my pine heart strong but everlasting in failure to withstand her strikes lightning quick hands envelop me dance, she begs dance with me soon I am trapped in her wonder tears flow from seemingly ancient face yet young as a babe each […]

Mysteries Among The Melodies Of Silence

Sudden warmth arises a soul drunk on restful slumber to a sea of green drapery teasing the eyes away from the naked beauty underneath fawns bouncing among the meadows when touched by misty morning air rays of sun crown a head as the lunar glare dusts feet when sliding underneath the heavenly arc birds rest […]

Rose, And A Feeling I Never Want To Know

You are my desire and you make me reach higher Your heart is like birds in flight, never resting Love like water endlessly flowing Holding out the wilted seed of our love in my hand Can it be planted again? I’m walking through the garden, where childish feet used to tread watching birds, bees, and […]

#OcPoWriMo Day Twenty Seven Prompt: Favorite Scent, A Sweetbriar

Roses so red With love I’m led tasting your body’s wine Sweetness you’ve bred a pretty bed Flower garden, you’re mine Sweetbriar is a stanzaic invented form similar to the Minuette. It uses only 1 rhyme and was created by Viola Berg. The Sweetbriar is: stanzaic, written in 2 sixains. syllabic, 4-4-6-4-4-6 syllables per line. […]