Aspergers Will Always Be By Our Side

I need more routine and less surprise I need more notebooks to keep track of my thoughts as time flies I need more honesty and less romance I need you to shut up and let me listen to Dance, Dance I’ve dug trenches you’ll never see to keep all the abuse you have given me […]

Autism Awareness Month Post Seventeen: Aspergers Can Feel Like A Prison

Stop burning bridges, they say but I don’t know how I’m a soul held against my will and an animal tied to the plow you can lead me to water but I’ll die of thirst afraid to put my feet in front of my brain and be the first there’s so much room inside this […]

Autism Awareness Month Post Four: Things That Make Me Anxious

  As an Aspergian, anxiety is easily my biggest problem. From sudden things like a last minute schedule change to watching your city burn thanks to mindless thugs that the media deem “peaceful rioters”. Even things that I do regularly can be a source of anxiety, like my weekly Teen Art Council meetings. How people […]

An Aspergian’s Thoughts On Wishes Versus Reality, A Constant In The Autistic Battleground

So I’m STILL not able to post comments on anyone’s sites. Could be a WordPress thing, because I’ve noticed my comments are WAYY down too. This is really frustrating…and are the paintings helping explain/illustrate the poem? If not, let me know in the comments (if you can) Wishes or reality? A war on two fronts […]