I Didn’t Believe I’d Be Where I Am Today

I didn’t believe I would do anything that I’ve done today I never saw, or even dreamed that I’d be where I stand today just a few years ago I couldn’t come out the house in fear and angst at the outside world just a few years ago I didn’t volunteer and while confident in […]

I’m Sorry You Birthed An Autistic

I’ve been called a lot of names during my years jerk offs with egg heads for avatars who never knew my wishes or fears they didn’t care what I needed, or how I felt just about the life they had been so unfortunately dealt I’m so sorry you birthed an autistic this isn’t the dream […]

You Only Know Who You Think I Am

Poetically cunning words leaving brains and hearts humming and while you’re eager to read on you only know who you think I am late night writes with Pete Wentz in my ears in attempt to ward off nightmarish fears but I put on a smile to cover it up so you only know who you […]

Aspergers Will Always Be By Our Side

I need more routine and less surprise I need more notebooks to keep track of my thoughts as time flies I need more honesty and less romance I need you to shut up and let me listen to Dance, Dance I’ve dug trenches you’ll never see to keep all the abuse you have given me […]

I Will Never Believe In Anything Again

I will never believe again in fate or fortune and my fear of never having a lover needs an early abortion I worry too much in controlling my destiny when the very key to my wishes is already inside of me I worry too much in trying to be like everyone else what happened to […]