Hacked From The Inside

Am I not still Did you not animate me Are you electronic Burning out, buzzing in The keycard to my heart Is fried, no longer reading properly I’ve been fooled too many times Hacked by anything with a pulse Now, I have none Plug and unplugged My soul spins the same Records for the searching … Continue reading Hacked From The Inside

Missing Pieces

The sky’s so clear So empty With every appearance of tranquility But there’s things you can’t see The visible spectrum Our eyes see ten percent What about the other ninety? Who are we missing out on What hearts are we breaking Teardrops down invisible windows I don’t believe there’s an old man in the sky … Continue reading Missing Pieces

Falling Short

Sweat on my back attracts Biting bugs, lying amongst the thistles They sense I’m alive? Somebody knows something I don’t Or didn’t Cutting only bleeds you of temporary pain But there’s nothing to ease The immortal struggle Of being seen and yet unseen Loved yet wholly misunderstood Shouldn’t they know who I am? Should I? … Continue reading Falling Short