Becoming Whole Again

I can never become whole again only so much can be remade the rest lost to the faded essence of memory where there is time, there is forgetting and I love you too much to remember or let each breath be a miserable reminder of that which I used to be without you those steps … Continue reading Becoming Whole Again


humidity gorges on the anxiety muscles lunge for the nearest bottle water, ice cold she reaches too, so bold now I’m frozen stiff it’s okay, she’ll leave just the others racing past as roadrunner in the desert I’m hot, I’m cold, I’m laughed at, I’m bold I see the future but dive deep in the … Continue reading Sweating

Falling Short

Sweat on my back attracts Biting bugs, lying amongst the thistles They sense I’m alive? Somebody knows something I don’t Or didn’t Cutting only bleeds you of temporary pain But there’s nothing to ease The immortal struggle Of being seen and yet unseen Loved yet wholly misunderstood Shouldn’t they know who I am? Should I? … Continue reading Falling Short