Justice Isn’t Always Just

one man is convicted of murder a crooked officer maintains the curse of a sin sick law a country that is backwards and brute full of people that are ignorant and vain too many people claim to know the way yet bow to every governor and mayor no man has the authority to rule others […]

Being Kept Alive

Surfing on waves of sin To find the gold at the end Of a world gone to hell and back And back again Sometimes the worst thing Is to do something They try to sell me diamond rings Ladies fake implants, and cash never ending But who’s getting big momma out the hood Why is […]

What I Find In The Light

Never mind the light, I only need the dark The truth is truth, regardless of the beholder The lie is a lie, regardless of the beholder Vibrating throughout my skeleton is chaos Ordered and exponential in designed purpose Humanity seems to think eradicating one Will enlighten the other, but in truth One exists because of […]

Liberal Promises Amidst Tragic Nothing

Tragedy Seven letter word to describe the bottom When there’s nowhere else to go And every resource has been exhausted Time’s ticking And deathbeds are calling You’re past hunger, you’re past pain Past ever seeing anyone ever again Now you’re waiting for everything to fade And something, anyone, to call you Home Or hell, because […]


Specks of dust Cloud the perimeter Sweeping the chaos to a corner The negligent, the sinister Standing behind my own bars Like a hardened criminal I try to stay positive but the blood stays cynical Symbiotic with my need to destroy Is the molting of a teenage boy Into half man, half beast Trudging on […]

The Inside Tells A Different Story

Machine The dream Bursting oil drums at the metal seams Cascade Deranged Busting bodies on every foreign plane Watching the blood drip from their eyelids Seeing the burkas shred with the blast The children can’t fight back, they run that Underground bunker killing our insurgents Ding ding, the bullets ricochet off metal plates Boom boom, […]