That Man

Scared to be lonely Scared to be close to you Scared to be a slave to a finger Scared to be free in myself Just scared The nighttime falls upon me so swift The nighttime falls without forgiveness The nighttime reminds of words misspoke The nighttime reminds of hearts broken Tailored For disaster, my mind […]

More Afraid Of “Yes” Than “No”?

I hate change. I wake up the same time: between 6-7am wear (basically) the same clothes: some combination of jeans, T shirt, and jeans eat the same food: eggplant wraps, sandwiches, fruits, salads, occasional fast food, donuts do the same thing: work, write, read, watch the news listen to the same music: Fall Out Boy, […]

Walking Against The Traffic: My Life On The Spectrum

The lights are everywhere and they bother me too many, too sudden and glaring bright, they make it hard to see the cars speed past, kicking up dust along the way they stare at me in silence but I have nothing to say they eat into my soul these people I don’t know and I […]