Not Breaking, But Broken

I’m still addicted to their bodies dancing in the pretense of love at night it’s sinful to desire such actions that strip away morality, security and life but that’s me skilled at little vain and arrogant in much tonight I don’t want likes or comments just some honesty for once but that’s just me too […]

Sometime Long Ago

sometime long ago when the house was always hot and I’d stare out the windows  to taste the tip of a glorious breeze or when the winter snows came and I’d bury my head underneath comforters and watch Jamaal Charles highlight videos sometime long ago when I was skinny, reckless, and angry and I’d stare at […]

To The Bad Things…

Bad things I knew if I did them I would get attention Maybe my parents would listen Bad things Feel good at the pinnacle The high of sex is way above the typical Nothing like I’ve ever felt, measures up to nothing else Bad things Can make you seem like a star Those aspergian traits […]

I Was Mortified, Now I’m Fortified

Earlier this month, I came out with a terrible confession I was addicted to porn. ( There wasn’t a day I couldn’t not watch it, and much of my thoughts were dedicated to finding ways to watch it. But suddenly, I had a breakthrough. I thought about everyone I was hurting. People I didn’t know. […]

To Heaven, God, Nobody or Anyone Listening…

This last year has been one of the worst in my life. I know I talk about how well I know myself, and you all comment so often about how confident and honest I am, but that’s because I really haven’t talked about what I’ve been going through. The things I’m addicted to, the things […]

My Search: A Short Story

I was feeling alone. Sickly lost, and craving completion. My heart yearned for satisfaction. I had tried everything: sleeping in, gorging on French fries and spicy chicken wings, downloading as much pornography as my browser could handle, gaming until I thought this really was Vice City, and every drug I could get into a straw. […]