slipping away

go ahead, lay it outupon the stars I have cemented my painstill, no answerI slam the phone done in anguishthere is slowness in my musclescreaking in the bolts of my mindand jitters in my eyelidsI just don’t work anymorebroken once, broken forevernever to fit in, never to be completedmy curse is being seen at all!can […]

Autism Awareness Month Post One: It’s Not Enough To Be “Aware”, you MUST be “Active”

  For those of you that didn’t know, April is Autism Awareness Month. In spite of that, you won’t find any puzzle pieces on my blog. “But Devereaux, you have Aspergers! You’re ON the spectrum. How could you?” Easy answer: the puzzle piece is, to me, a derogatory symbol. Associating those on the autism spectrum […]