Women Wear 30 Percent Of Their Closet

I am a dreamer

And not always for the best

Or the realest

Sometimes it’s just an empty chest

I read books, magazines, playbooks

But I’m blind to your games

But I’m searching, anxious to find

Familiarity, I have a nose for sameness

I don’t know a lot of girls

But that’s mostly my fault

I did, though, through my heart

To wear all my outfits

That I don’t fit in, is my mortal sin

The scarf I wear, to immortal chagrin

Hooded and gloved I go into battle

Against bikinis and shorts, I lose sight of the actual

The reality I try to ignore

I strip you of your clothing, onto the floor

And force you into this image

I’ve created in my sleep, in my bore

Syd became Athena became Molly

Became Tyler became Isabel became Lemon

Became Flawed, just another day of folly

I think the problem is me

But I only wear what I want you to see

Women only wear 30% of their closet

And I wear all of mine

But maybe that’s what’s wrong with my mind


Let’s Talk About Love

Let’s talk about love

The familiarity of closeness

Through the drum of devotion

Beating mercilessly into the nights

Full of mercy and grace

From the gratitude to be in place

To be in this place, with you

Never further, never closer

Always at the right place and time

Beating my conscious daily

Because you’re always on my mind

And I’m okay with that

Because when I stare off into the woods

Feeling the wind at my back

The whispers in my ears

The lips on my cheek

I know why I fell for you

And why we’re here

All the words of tender fervor

All the stars are closer

When I think of you today

And while your dreams of me

Are on their way

Let’s talk about love

Finches In September


To the bone


And stoked in his fire

Cinders and ashes

Became my home

Trapped in neverland

Ceasing to breathe, living to die

The journey is a pathway unknown

Seeds of slaves are sown

In the conformity of words

I do

And we don’t fight fair

I do

We ruin each other

Dreams in the dark

Looking away in the day

Fellow human is not my master

Yet I was a slave

I loved your ways

Your fucking, breaking, bleeding ways

Then the finches of September

Whistled a new calling

And from now one

I’d rather be lonely

Then be at home

With a terror

We Don’t Ask Questions

Why don’t we ask more questions

Why do we do that

Just do

Just doing enough to get by

Just doing enough to make a living

Just enough to feed our wives and children

Enough to be buried

When you’ve had enough

And forgotten

When they’ve had enough

Tell me a story, they ask me

Tell me about yourself

Where do you see yourself in five years

I’m haunted and hungry

Afraid and advancing

Possibly dead, thank you

I don’t talk about my abuse

Because everybody does these days

Somebody questions your logic

And the media calls it rape

I’m not special, yet I’m specially equipped

To say fuck you

Fuck you and your first world problems

Brothers and sisters dying on these streets

But your whole world falls apart

At the mention of a white man

I don’t mind the patriarchy, but if I didn’t

I’d have a better plan than screaming into the air

There’s so many people I’m furious at

So what else would you like to know about me?

We stopped asking questions

Because we got stupid

Millennials get triggered

The real world wasn’t made for feminist snowflakes

I’m surrounded by too many

Drowning in protest and riot

And they’re fighting the wrong fight

They’re wasting their lives

I’ve had enough

The Impossible Possible

It’s not up to you

It’s not up to me

It’s not impossible

To follow you to the end of the road

Walking this tightrope with you

Oceans will drown us out

Deserts will bury the sounds

And sights, such extraordinary views

With you

People can say it’s not meant to be

Jealous of this never-ending dream

Falling into this eternal sea

Choking on death, I am

From being close to this breathtaking you

I’d never let go

On this journey, to the great unknown

Towards the space and light we’d call our own

All the things that might get in the way

Of finding our home

Won’t matter, I’d rather be dead by your side

Then alive on my own

You’ve taken me and broken my insecurity

You’ve captured me and thrown me from a cliff

I’m not sure when I’ll ever stop falling

But something’s made me better

And that something was you

It’s up to me

It’s up to you

To make this world home

To make it our own

Ink Marks The Pain I Crave

Bloodshot eyes

Tremble under the weight of light

Stuck to bed for two days

Three nights

Swollen lips, burning head

I’ve gone astray

Some way, somehow

Waging war against the body of mine

Time after time we devour the lies

The graveyards mark our disdain

For truth

Stars twinkling in the infinity on high

Lead me back to you

I’m sorry if I said I needed you

I was so wrong, so wrong

I’m sorry if I told you I loved you

I was right, so right

Because I can’t just have you

I must possess your breath

Breathe in the presence of your being

I don’t care where we go

As long as we reach it together

Blood spilling from my eyes, ink searing

From my back, I fade in and out the black

And you’re there, forever

The sickness clamps throats so tight

But I cannot say goodnight

Not tonight

I’m sorry if I said I needed you

I was wrong, so wrong

I meant to say I wanted

This humanistic desire to taste and be hungry

To drink and be thirsty

To be born and undeveloped

To live and crave the final trembling of breath

I possess the worst and best

Of you

Left Of My Life

One light shines

over the alley

Dimly flickering

Watching over the darkness soundly

I peak an eye to wonder

At the reflection it casts

It resembles mine

Lost in the mire, trapped in the fire

Choking on flames, hardly fine

Afraid of the cleansing light

Running through desert, poisoned by my body

Flying through oceans, ridiculed by my mind

Cursing through forests, fucked by time

My eyes are a sign

I am hardly broken

That is quite a compliment

I am broken, nest shattered

Birth possibly accidental, and I am a ruined rental

Destined for reconstruction

Little worth to be saved from reduction

I wonder at this alley’s light

It shines with the time left in my life

Reinstate Jim Crow

I hate people that feel entitled

Fuck if I don’t invite you

Fuck if the world doesn’t give to you

We’re born to everything

But granted nothing

Breath is temporary, life is a gift

Time is a tool, but even the greatest craftsmen

Have accidents

My ancestors were slaves, man

I know what it’s like to work

We had whole kingdoms brought to their knees

And it was from those knees we created a new world

Hands calloused and cracked, we begat a new beginning

A path I walk in, regrettably so

Because the remorse of the lives they use to know

Is a great burden to bear

When I watch how we’re treated

Shackled and segregated

As if we never left the plantation

I’m still down in Alabama, sweating away

I’m still down in Georgia, watching my wife

Getting taken in the ass by the master

I’m still in South Carolina, watching the skin of my children being stripped away

Fuck these terrors, these nightmares

Getting beaten and murdered by the police

Oh wait, this is no dream

But what the daylight encourages me to see

reinstall Jim Crow

nothing changed

Loving You, Killing Me

Silence in the wings

Whispers of the dark

In the black

The back

Close your eyes and think deeply

Go back

So flat

You feel pressed down on your spine

You lied

He lied

The time was right, but might

Was never on your side

Feel the warmth evade your body

The memory of being pure so fondly

Be forgotten, heart rotten

Thighs twitching so erotic

Forceful banging so despotic

She thought he was the future

But she thought wrong

Wringing out her delicate belongings

The sweat is toxic

His commands to kneel so hypnotic

I’m no longer my own

But stuck inside the cascade of caution

I adore his the words

The auctioning off of my body

So awkwardly timid

Youth betraying my commitment

To loving you

Even if it means

Killing me

Mama Africa, We’re Coming Home

Ignite a fire in their bones

Mama Africa, we’re coming home

Segregated in 2018 yet we are not alone

When I spit these words, I’m in my zone

I don’t bust coverages, just your expectations

Master of standard English this ain’t my nation

Police officers killing our people, but I found a revelation

In the confrontation of the blood I remain in the station

I can’t escape black skin, and the stains attached

Our people are a stain to you, whites have tried to put a match to it

But I can escape your entitlement

Never content with contempt or chains

Put us in the back of the bus

Push us down to the South

Squeeze us into row homes

Punch us into prison cells

But I don’t forsake my calling, the anger causes me to swell

Studying the stares, recording the stalled reactions, to which I declare you’re not well

Not comfortable with my presence

My boiling blood fuels our essence

The spirit of T’Challa is within

The strength of King is within

The revolution of Barack is within

I am the next generation

And I come with thunder