Killed Before The Sorry

I’m sorry He might’ve said For whatever I didn’t do Time never began Never ended You left me winded Desperate for the beginning Of a new ending Stuck on your presence Careless and free You broke down old walls Parasitic, you captured me And I want to die Bleed out with lungs bursting Full of […]



I’m sorry

He might’ve said

For whatever

I didn’t do

Time never began

Never ended

You left me winded

Desperate for the beginning

Of a new ending

Stuck on your presence

Careless and free

You broke down old walls

Parasitic, you captured me

And I want to die

Bleed out with lungs bursting

Full of fluid and folly

As long as I’m with you

I would go all the way

Any border, name it

Any island, I’d claim it

But you never gave me

The chance

With a gunshot

Crochet drops to the floor

Frozen gasp left etched


The Worst Of Me


When it rains

I see the worst of me

The things blazing lights hides

But shadows see

Oily smears on concrete

From sins I was quick to reap

Short term benefits dissolved, now I believe

I’m drowning in a sea of my own impurity

The flood comes over me everyday

Try to see through the dark but I lose my way

Walking the long road certainly into the fray

But I chose this path, now retribution must be paid

I needed someone to save me

Now I’m headed to the grave faithfully

Because I chose the life of slavery

Heed me not, I chose this misery

Like Everyone Else


Writing on

To tell the story

Of someone who doesn’t

Like to speak

Very often

I do

But selective

As to who

I do

Not everyone

Or even every other

Has earned this

It’s funny


How I come off

Open and chatty to some

Reclusive and shallow

To others

I don’t choose, it chooses

For me

I’m just along

For the ride

Please don’t hate me

I want to love

Like everyone else

I just don’t do it

Like everyone else

Moments Wasted


The helicopter

Circles around the deep

Blue sky that stares

Stares at me

Asking me why

What have I done

To ever deserve this time

I think of helicopters

Before I reply

As the symbol of the love interests

In my short life

Every so many

Someone comes around

I think I’m in love

And throw myself

At closed doors

Every blink of light

Is real love

For my true


Every breath wasted

Every moment

Soured by youth

And rotten by desire

For something

I’ll probably never have


Our Flash Fiction Marriage (Mirage)


I don’t care

I never did

I just wanted


To love me

That’s all

I ever wanted

Just a moment of your time

A sunset lit

Front porch

Late July evening

With a pretty face like yours

Freckled with green

Lanterns in a soul

Like Irish luck

Poetic eyes

With an R-rated mind

Wrapped in the body of a flash fiction marriage

Or mirage

Because when the night falls

The admiration fails

All possible desire

Sunlight is a Chris Sale

And each one of my dreams

Is retired

I could run all night

Just to remember that dream

Cause I got one shot at love




Victorious (At A Cost)


When I was down

you weren’t there

sucking air underneath

the pressure of your reign

weighted love against the backdrop

of forget and memory

the lies rained down

and planted the seeds of revenge

within the field of my soul

I vowed to take back

and since you were never there

now it’s time for you to remember

life isn’t fair

as the farmer must give

before he can take

I will give you the full measure

of my heart

before you tear it apart


I will give you the barrage

of scorn and misgiving

as you so gladly had done to me

I will give you the burden

of unrequited pain

both in childbirth and in death

aren’t they all the same

I will tear from you my life

so that you will never be again

the tormentor of my dreams

and the bastard of my days

I will ruin you to the end

even if it means among my fathers

I too

must lay

Left Alone With You

light takes off

into the abyss of memory

dusk and dawn forget how to behave

and I’m left alone with you

skin shivering from the warmth

radiating from our veins

deep green eyes

are the lighthouse to the end

of loneliness with you

fresh scars spill old blood

bonding ties become undone

and bruises never tasted so sweet

as I’m left alone with you

pumpkin flavored breath

seduces the fabric of my being

I’ve fallen for another

as I’m left alone

with you

Shouldn’t Be Here But It’s A Great Place To Go


(Haven’t posted one of these in a while so I thought it would be a good day to change that) 

Midnight moon

With his back turned

To the shadows

Of back door loving

She’s my pink finger

I’ve banged both

On the knob when I can’t see

Only I can see hers

Submissively tilting

Head back

She pulls on me

Drawing me in

Slowly but confident

A fisher of men

She’s been ready for hours

Biting at the bit

My lip

I tug on her

We kiss

One hand around my neck

The other down under

She’s never done this before

Basically choking me

But I love these moments

I don’t turn her away

I can’t

Only breathing her in

I play upon her teenage sins


And broken

She opens to me

With envious ease

Just when I’m ready

She whispers please

A twitch

From her thigh

As it runs away

From me

God, What Have You Become (Abuse)


heaven’s a fraud

and hell, smoldering lies

over the still breathing heart

of virgin truth

if there is a kingdom on high

then strip my abuser

of the flesh on his wretched bones

blast a nine mile hole

in the lump of flesh we call a heart

the same way he mocks my chains

watching the bolts travel under wiry flesh

malnourished limbs tremble and traverse

the vague pretense of air

under the roof of domination

there is but death to breathe

carbon monoxide flushed down my throat

where is this Christ

that you place your hope

awash in my own birthing blood

and fed the waste of my exploitation

the mercy of this Lord

is near undone

when I rise on the steak

splinters pierce my lungs

there is no last gasp for me

so instead I cry in lonesome defeat

God, what have you become


The Hole In The Mast


Falling for the sun

I miss the clouds

Drowning in the rain

I miss the drips

Running through the storm

I miss the eye

Aiming for her face

I missed her heart

You can only blame your troubles

On her for so long

You can only write

So many break-up posts

Before you begin

To doubt everything

You’ve ever done

Hole in the mast

The shit in my ship

Has finally got me going down

Down screaming

Maybe you won’t find out

What I’m doing

But you will know

What I’ve done