Songs of Completion

I feel a wind/cool and enlightening carrying hope/a promise of a better tomorrow or simply the next four hours/I work and try to remain present/but man sees little/and the man would have me starve, die anything but confess he is inadequate/I will go to my grave, full of years/wisdom/words few spoken, many saved/for a day … Continue reading Songs of Completion


pressure rising/time is flying out my phone screen/into the unknown energy racing through consciousness/did we lose/is our existence ending slipping away/fingertips grazing the cliff below is a wasteland of our own creation/fall into the black/gurgling sickness and disease the breathtaking spectacle of death/tease heaven with goodness/but turn our back when the money flows/blood turns to … Continue reading Pressures

Devoid of Strength

I am finished/like a plate, overloaded with food of every kind/devoured by numerous hands/unwashed and ungrateful stabbing each other to get a piece/and soon I am consumed wholly/scraped and scratched mouths dribble with saliva/departed they are I am left alone/nothing left to say they shoved their fists down my throat/am I human/or a humans means … Continue reading Devoid of Strength

Being Black Among The Asleep

If I could ever see/let me not see myself As a token of society/the typical face You know, that guy/tiptoeing the line Afraid to make a sound/stop, drop a dime Watch their shriveled faces/sink and despair impact is not measured/it is murdered in the darkest alleys/or the brightest blocks if the flame of justice can … Continue reading Being Black Among The Asleep

What’s The Good of It

what’s the good of writing/if nobody hears it or the power in song/if it’s only in your head why sacrifice to live a good life/if it never sees the light of day/the sun is a stage the earth is a proving ground/so show heaven the the dust created a worthwhile being/stars magnified thought and blessed … Continue reading What’s The Good of It

Musings of The Immaterial

meter/measure/miles/mulling words/wafting/washing/willing natural/creating/deliberation/wishing humanity/seeking/savior/internal sovereignty/thorns/discarded/crowns ruins/castles/barren/carcasses risen/intolerable/silence/victors moments/matches/cleansing/closets stolen/lives/tearful/torrid landslides/children/spared/treason death/grateful/serving/soul

Reconnecting With The Cosmic Womb

in the middle of the night/breaking ground on my future/abusive governments tickle my fantasy/touch underneath my clothes bite my tongue/tell me I’m not fit to lead so I break off my arm/to save my soul and tear out my tongue/my spirit speaks through energy released in word/broken bonds are a daily task/but freedom is juice … Continue reading Reconnecting With The Cosmic Womb

Conditions of The World

I didn’t eat today/I can’t breathe and repass sit in silence, consume my own thought/no powerless people struggle/power topples even the most honest man/poison seeps through laws and officers/order is not chaos runs the heart today/and cities are thick with smoke and sensationalism/yes man is crooked/but he wasn’t always truth must become the reigning currency/now … Continue reading Conditions of The World

I Came, I Saw, and I…

I came/I saw/and I threw the fuck up this world is toxic/humanity is noxious the food they eat is rotten/the water is poison and their hearts are rock/wrought with self and shame/they hold grudges/they kill because of rights/they believe men give them rights/they believe in equality for everyone except for each other/they steal that which … Continue reading I Came, I Saw, and I…

With Clenched Fists, I Rage – A Collaborative Poem

Originally posted on Heretics, Lovers, and Madmen: I chew on my rage breaking teeth on its rock candy hard edges I resist base reflex to swallow … With Clenched Fists, I Rage – A Collaborative PoemHonored to have been included in this epic collaboration with Christine Elizabeth, Candace Louisa, Aurora Phoenix, Stephen Fuller, and Megha … Continue reading With Clenched Fists, I Rage – A Collaborative Poem