do you think it’s about me?

I just have to apologize for the past, present, and future I have a lot to give and you probably should’ve seen her dressed to the nine, music on the mind afraid to disappoint, showed up early eager to be last to leave every time I could see her ruining the world for better, for […]

becoming the nature I see

blooming bountiful I wish-no I am delicate flower distressed with the scene giant shadows loom over with crushing power unnatural winds shatter the tranquility and every petal is scattered abroad I wish-no I was abducted, force fed pornography and drugs ruined from the moment I speak, then more every thought is tainted, every breath poison […]

my next steps

why must I succumb to sadness weary window wipers my eyes push away all the worlds filth and my internal reflections thoughts become vicious cancers tormenting my delicate proceedings I catch a glimpse of beauty a swallow alight on the wind, of a tree but the day is the long night of my soul I […]