There She Goes


Every Inch Of You Is Another Stripe of Agony

Never mind, I don’t need you
The earth closes over any trace of you
And shuddering skies thunder and storm
At the mention of your name
Forgive me if I was ignorant and young
Forgive me if I was impressionable and eager
To please every inch of your royal throne
Illustrious and lacking in beauty nowhere
I found your chin to be a safe haven of peace
Resting beneath your eyes I could finally fly
Into you, into you, I dumped my sorrow
Wilting away, drugs in my veins were kisses
Departed unto me the respect in viewing
Doors locked to all before me
I was sure, in assuring voices you promised
To always be there, to always see me there
See me off to the depths of night
And in the return of day, you’d guide my way
You promised!
Broken hearts are so overrated
Heart as cold as ice?
Get a better line
My head is clamped shut with steel spikes
Pry me open and loose your life
Just to discover someone that hates more
Despises more, furies more
And always raging in words
To describe my sincerest form of agony
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Peace We Pursue


Follow the pathway through the trees
In between the raucous crowds
And over walls erected in militaristic prowess
You will find the voice of truth
Underneath the bed covers of youthful lovers
On top of the roof where the widow sings
Down in the valley of what once her domain
Sounded the call of truth
I remember the day we said I do
But that day is now bittersweet memory
In the crevice of a heart long torn apart
You can find the voice of truth
It neither hates, nor relishes
Believes, nor belittles
It simply is, and encourages me to search
Search better, longer, deeper, and closer
Especially closer, where I can find the fire
Hear the fire, and see how it lightens my skin
Deeper blue as it melts you and brings you
Warmth and electricity never seen before
All this and more can be found
In the polarizing voice of truth
And it’s inside of you!
Everyday people commit suicide in despair
They can’t find the voice, it ignores
It repeats retorts resolving in resolutions
Rebellious in nature, blood stained papers
Everyday people murder and steal and lie
They feel they’re behind everyone, and time
Will not forgive, but simply remove
And all trace of impact will be forgotten
But you’re wrong you see, it is the air
Within us that commits us into the path
And the peace we pursue
That allows us to breathe it
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Driving home
Driving from work
Driving away from trouble
Driving until I come across truth
Driving until we become one body
Driving until I crash because nobody cares
Anyhow, ask
Me why this
Bruise just won’t heal
Sharp pain increases in zeal
Innocence defiled by fate’s raw deal
Driven away tonight because I am part
One day I be able to find you
One day you will understand my pain
One day we can love again
One day we understand
One day we
Will find
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The Problem Is Me

There’s nothing left inside
Neither strength nor compassion
Peace nor prosperity
Love not hate
Just a fishing line with no bait
I’m dining a restaurant without a plate
I have the will, but lack the tools
Compassion, but without the mood to do
Love, but the animosity towards cowardice
It may seem as hate
So many people to call out, I’m left exhausted
Eight to ten people clamoring for my place
I can write until Titan collides with the moon
I can write until I finally receive the solution
To my pain
I can write until I finally feel accomplished
But nothing can fill the hole she left
No accolade can mend this broken bridge
No action
Except to drive off of it
And be allowed to forget it even existed
Let’s face it, I’m never to find her
Not with such combustible personality
Quick to anger as I’m quick with words
Slow to catch on as I’m fast to bring the action
Chasing my own tail, the problem is me
My own tales, my own fails, my own mess
All weighing down a once eager chest
Now I take my time around corners
I’ve been shot in the back before
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Life Is Difference

Images of blazing deserts
And hawks soaring on arid skies
Legions of legislation undone
Undone faster than one could say goodbye
Border war, patrol pawns, illegals at stake
I wish we would fight for the unborn children
In this very way
Some make life an argument, left against right
Black against white, man against woman
There’s two genders, there’s seventy seven
The truth is always somewhere in between
But the truth that cannot be debated is this
Life is precious. Period.
Irregardless of outside factors or convenience
(Yes, pro-choicers. Hate to break it to you)
If we would stop placing parameters around
Such things we have no power to oversee
We would find life would become much easier
And differences more palatable
Because life is difference
And the beauty is knowing that’s okay
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