Never let me see the light of day

Never let me hold the moon and sun

Never to be in my hands, never to be sung

Never to sleep in hands of angels

Never to wander in the depths of Hades

Never to revel in the stars

Never to even know my place among them

Trapped in gravity, nothing else matters

Trapped in my sin, nothing else matters

Trapped in your blood, nothing else matters

Trapped in a video game that I cannot win

Nothing else matters

Life is not breaths wholesome and true

Death is oxygen that couldn’t live too

Chasm we’re in is choices, me and you


Power Play

Put a bow on it, carcasses laid in waste

Pepsi drained another lake for your

Sweet tooth

Put a ring on it, adolescent girls wed

In countries where rape and abuse run


Broken hands still toil barren soil

Contractors swallow up farmland

Border walls keep out beating hearts

And inside do the swollen wrists sway

Dominatrix of power over the innocent

And prodding mother of the insolent

Acid rain is real on the ghettos

Brothers and sisters fill the sewers

I’ve seen more blow than dinners

And more deadbeat dads than winners

Leaving mommy for dancers woefully

Unkept to be anything than spenders

Of the dollars they’ve kept

Why is our society so desperate to please

Too easily dropped to its knees

And desperate not to be the bitch

Finds itself struck in the face

Once again


Sheets don’t stunt double brick walls

Much as humans don’t double as kind

Mars doesn’t double as another waste bin

Earth could’ve been better

If we weren’t on it? Hypothetical, and real

Much like the punishment I feel

When the sirens go off, fathers go down

Twenty five to life that’s real

Watching from windows will get you sniped

Slowing in the streets will get you clapped

Ass up, face down, it all happens so fast

Man, woman, dead, alive, it really don’t matter

We’re just fiends lookin for friends to light up

When the lights go off, the pipe lights up

We’re just desperate for a fix to our scars

Sundown is near, but the end of the rope

From the chair

On the block

Where my mother got shot

Where my sister got robbed

When my father got lost

In a car he never bought


Slam the door and turn out the lights

She’s never ever coming back

Pushed until the charade collapsed inwards

Our hearts are circus run by cripples

Swinging through hoops of fire

Hoping with eyes closed that we’ll survive

We can’t

Descending on lines too thin for our weight

These days, our ways, so numbered

The rendition of our belonging is cheap

Tattered memories of cloth stretched thin

Weary lines show faces unrelenting

We all think we’ve made it, we all think

We think well, we think we’ll endure

But I drive off these burning bridges

For no other reason than to forget me

Eager to test the waters of my fate

I fail, and she recesses

Into the very imagination I once perceived

To be preordained infinity


Desperation, you’ve always had my back

Motivation has never lacked

For stamina, for stability, or for feast

I’ve always run away from everyone

So I can better appreciate anyone

Through the understanding of myself, first

My insecurities have delved deep into skin

Turned it into concrete and left to dry

I glide through the steaming bog of disgraces

And the gunners placed on high

Dedicated to destroy the birth of self esteem

Feast on the years of loneliness and shame

Fattened calves of watchmen adore the pain

Until I threw that person out a window

Shattering not just panes, but paths of death

One I was destined to die without change

Now my heart’s been rearranged

And though my head may function the same

I’m no longer ashamed

Because I know why


I just want to be respected

When I work, give me the room to rise and fall

There is beauty in the crash and burn, in all

Pain, suffering, and regret, there is hope

That tomorrow will see you take flight

And never, ever come back to this world

My job is fun, but the ones making the work

Take away the joy, feeling burnt out

Exhausted from the subliminal, the fury is real

This is more than just ranting of a millennial

The deep seated hatred is immaterial

But every time I clock in for my next shift

Every single sale, every pat on the back

And I feel more and more material

Should I resent the people that brought me?

Should I resent my ancestors for being born?

Or should I resent myself for buying into it

See, I need money to make it in this world

But no amount of money bought a man

A second of time, and this decision is mine

But it ain’t kind, not along this one fine line

An active avenger or a passive complainer

Just leaving so another of my brothers falls

Where I once stood, can I stand my ground

And make my money at the same time?



Got a gift from the divine

Call it cynical, call it unethical

I give it a name of truth: my one track mind

Sparing my ears from the chatter

Of ugly conversation plastered

In the larynx of the people around

My soul is infested with a parasitic heart

Loving the things that render it weak

Riding waves of cataclysm toward the brink

What can I say, I adore the edge, the drugs

Laced in the tongue of my stripper

She teases me to the realm of mystery

Then snatched back my head into her hands

Drink her poison till my bones mellow

Forever enchanted, I am not a lonely fellow

Blink of my eye, the world goes into pause

Lock step with her jaws, I swallow her sins

Until all of heaven rends in dismay

And when I wake up, she’s gone

I’m on a one way trip to hell

As I took every shot I could take

And kissed every crevice

That I couldn’t penetrate

Falling Short

Sweat on my back attracts

Biting bugs, lying amongst the thistles

They sense I’m alive?

Somebody knows something I don’t

Or didn’t

Cutting only bleeds you of temporary pain

But there’s nothing to ease

The immortal struggle

Of being seen and yet unseen

Loved yet wholly misunderstood

Shouldn’t they know who I am?

Should I?

Why do people get close

Just to rip out your heart

A token of their mortality

By taking your immortality

A sword in the stone, a magicians trick

Making you believe you have a say

In time’s greatest trip

Taking you out, where the riptides are sly

The oceans beautiful, but the view

Is better from below

And wouldn’t you like to know

What secrets the waters beneath

Have for us all

When ships scrape the bottom

They carve love songs, promising get reward

Yet always fall short of the promise


Dilemmas deny my soul any rest

Fall into bed at six, wake up sixty later

And my eyes will watch the sun rise

I hurt someone, someone close, someone

Somewhere, and I know who they are

They know me

We don’t speak a single word

Because too much has already been done

Destined to collide in public memorial

Memorandum to this, sorry isn’t enough

I feel shackled to my ignorance

And sweating under the hot breath of stupid

How else can I call taking someone’s life

And using it for my own gain?

I never meant to hurt you, but I did

And I never meant it to be this way, but

It is

And I am

Such a fool

For ever thinking it would go away

Forever thinking I’ll always be cursed

With a mouth that doesn’t talk enough

Except for when it’s too late

To Do

Sit me down

Close my eyes

Let me sigh, let me die


Wait, don’t do that, just

Tingle with my conscious

Spark the ignition, then light it on fire

Let me live and love, then hate myself

For ever trying to be with you

So sick of being so close, yet so far

I’ll give up, hang the self, fate is on

A rout

No doubt, the cycle will continue

Will anyone be moved by my story

Stirred by my pain

I’ve cried so much, I just sit and stare

Red with anger and a loss for words

Yes, me, stunned with no key or clue

There’s a threshold of doubt

Then what I’ve been left to do

What is there

To do?