fighting the line

I’ve got no deadline, no end sales date never past expiration, always ready to rumble rolling into your house like a tiger tank you’ve spent your reserves taunting now watch me, full of energy saved in my youth I hated you funny thing, I still do but now I know why it burns like nitrous […]

the next breath is the last

ready to take off, ready to soarI’m tired of sighing, no longer lyinglaying in the waste, my soul is ready to flyall the money in the world, I still want morethe grass is greener when I’m stilllife is a choice, and I have free willI can see the birds poke their heads outsilently observing, fate […]

watching their tongues (I cut them out)

crawl out of my skin and watch me diethe soul is leaping, but my spirit is dryfailed to be quenched by sex and poetryto lay my heart to your lips, to feel the linesevery imaginable high left me lownow I’m lost in a sea of translation and hateof good gone bad gone evil gone suicidalnot […]

finish on their faces

you filthy scumstroking the balls of depressed slavesmasturbating the children to grow oldslowing the rotation of the planetand force feeding modified muckyou call it food, I say mind controlmanipulated to murder each otherthen ourselves, slowly, bitterlyand okay with being taxedevery step of the waythe sun doesn’t shine, it bleedsand moonshine dampens the sex scene


watershed of emotionsindifferent onlookers suddenly morphmelodious puppets on invisible stringbowing and weeping, they mourn the actof crossing the river Styxarchetype as old as metamorphic rockas prevalent as the water vapor in my lungsand as momentous as godsgiving humans the power of fireyou may not be able to see the victorybut can you feel it? taste […]