hating you more than I hate myself

I am darkness, I am discomfort wrestling with your insecurity and fantasy aren’t they both the same? you worry about tomorrow because you’re insecure about today so you dream of one better even if reality dictates a more harsh tone now down your throat comes a train roaring ahead with pain and sickness plenty you’d […]

an accident

I’d pour myself another cup another watered down memory a token of our lust and forget a chance at a memory and resuscitation swirl the dark brown contents feel the amber taste on my tongue the house of memories you used to call home now I’m renting several scars and a burn I just want […]

the other side of this breath

the long wait between breaths spells disaster or discovery I could have a found a new road to recovery shining streets of light and a song that lasts past eternity or a deeper chasm in which in fall forget I was falling and call home the brush stroke of relief is it heavy, labored, and […]