don’t look for me

flashlight, flashlight searching for me in the dark vicious clicks and chirps abound I am hunted for sport far from invincible, I am meager retort hush, don’t make a sound there’s a gash on my forehead bruise on my wrist and tears streaming endless but I mustn’t let him know I’m here he pities the […]

incendiary wishes

the darkness grabs hold of my throat with piercing nails it whispers am I man, free and full of life or beast, chained to the imaginary foul stench sinks into my nostrils I am not afraid, however I know this voice, this beauty has cleavage so deep and treacherous it’s as if it was made […]

why did you go

the ribcage is supposed to protect keeping the heart inside, intruders at bay bone cage fit with strength, you failed me mine is beating in my throat racing faster than the blood it pushes out lungs need twice as much air so they occupy the entire cavity I’m running towards a mirage of you the […]

following the white rabbit, part two

do I follow the white rabbit past your spinning arms the hypnotic twist of your wires and blinding burn of your blades they cut out her clitoris, his penis bled till the eyes fell out of their head then placed back, for the torture lasts longer than you can hold your breath come up for […]

becoming the nature I see

blooming bountiful I wish-no I am delicate flower distressed with the scene giant shadows loom over with crushing power unnatural winds shatter the tranquility and every petal is scattered abroad I wish-no I was abducted, force fed pornography and drugs ruined from the moment I speak, then more every thought is tainted, every breath poison […]

my next steps

why must I succumb to sadness weary window wipers my eyes push away all the worlds filth and my internal reflections thoughts become vicious cancers tormenting my delicate proceedings I catch a glimpse of beauty a swallow alight on the wind, of a tree but the day is the long night of my soul I […]