Week Two: Chiefs/Eagles Poetic Recap


(This is something I’ve started doing on Facebook at the beginning of the season)

Chiefs Eagles, Week Two
I know a few Eagles fans
Heck, I just got back from work in PA
and I’ve got a sad story for you

titled Chris Jones
always making the backfield
his eternal home

written by Travis Kelce
juking, leaping, and always dancing
better than Gronk? Absolutely
(somewhat tired of his antics)

little chapters dink and dunk at your energy
five yards here, ten there
“that’s all Alex Smith will ever be”
how about putting it in the air

down the field to Tyreek Hill, or Chris Conley
streaking down the sidelines
waving peace or just proud to be
part of ChiefsKingdom, and who wouldn’t want to be?

We’re still undefeated, but go ahead and hate
our shovel passes you can’t emulate
fall for the jet sweep and we’ll beat you deep
let you hang, then snatch victory in front of your face



Life on the Gluten free/Casein free diet, Weekend Worries (CHIEFS FOOTBALL IS BACK)

Thursday, September 7th

8:42 am

Since starting the diet on Tuesday, I’ve felt pretty good about myself. Working around donuts, sandwiches, and seemingly all the pastries in the world will not be easy today. Although the bakery across from our stand does have gluten free options, I don’t work for them, so I don’t get them at a discount. Anyhow, the first few hours will feel like torture. I like to nibble on our apple fritter bites in between customers and on my lunch break, so saying no will take considerable fortitude.

Honestly, though, I feel like once work is over, I’ll be okay. The benefit to not being big on eating out is that I won’t be constantly surrounded by foods I can’t eat. Also, I still kinda get my way because chicken is okay. Just not breaded chicken. Or chicken with a lot of sauce.


Damn it. Made it to work, and I’m reconsidering the ease of this. Gotta stare at donuts until four. Gotta smell sandwiches until four. Gotta watch people eat delicious, gluten laden food until four. Sigh. Hopefully I can make it till my lunch break, and I might grab…some…something.


Whoo. So far, so good. The first forty five minutes or so were utter torture, but after that the desire basically just dissapeared. At least until one my customers came up and started chatting about pretzel dogs. Anyhow, I’m starving. Just a few more hours to go, and I’ll be out of here.


Forget it. I gave in and got myself an eggplant wrap. (I went the whole day without eating one donut, though. So, progress?) It’s so delicious to eat, but I feel kinda bad giving in this early. My head started buzzing right before I left, so that might be what they call withdrawal. Anyhow, I’m going to enjoy this food during tonight’s game. After seven long months, I’m super excited to see my boys in action. Hopefully, unlike the last time I saw them play, we emerge victorious.

Friday, September 8th


I didn’t even eat the wrap I got last night. I gained a slightly uncharacteristic urge of strength and decided to keep my streak strong. Working again today, but since we’re far busier on Friday than Thursday, I’ll have an added distraction.



THE CHIEFS WON. Beat the living —- out of the Patriots defense, putting up over five hundred yards, including two touchdown passes from Alex Smith of 75 and 78 (to rookie back Kareem Hunt and WR Tyreek Hill, respectively). Vegas had us as nine point underdogs, so it made perfect sense for us to beat the defending champs at their house 42-27. We got three fourth quarter sacks, two of which came on one drive courtesy Justin Houston. We had 14 penalties, so it wasn’t perfect. Eric Berry also might have torn his achilles (crying) so last night wasn’t all cheers. I feel bad for him, because he was playing so well. We’ve got ten days before our next game against Philly, so I’m praying the MRI comes back negative. People are laughing at me on Facebook because I posted “Patriots about to pull away, good game Chiefs” back in the second quarter, when we got down 17-7. Safe to say I didn’t even expect my boys to win.


Still going strong. It’s really, really hard to resist the urge, especially considering its staring me right in the face. Eating some wings on my lunch break.


Today did not provide the rush I anticipated asb distraction, but it didn’t matter. My head is throbbing, and everything hurts more than usual.

Saturday-Today, 5:15

Not eating bread and sugar has been made fairly easy thanks to my homebody personality. If it’s not in the house, there’s little chance I’m going to run across it. Eating pumpkin and flax seeds (recommended diet foods) has really cleared up my head, and my headaches even stopped. If you read my post last night, you’d know how closely linked stomach issues and autism are, and since going on my diet, my lower body feels better than ever! The aches and pains are starting to go away, and constipation is nonexistent. I’m also not as tired as usual, which I was having a problem with over the last couple months (I nearly overslept on my lunch break a couple times). I am craving pizza like hell, but there’s no gluten free pizza places nearby. Listening to “Jet Pack Blues” while I write this…..


Kansas City Chiefs 2016 Pump-Up


NFL: Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs
Sep 7, 2014; Kansas City, MO, USA; The Kansas City Chiefs mascot WarPaint is ridden on the field after a score during the second half against the Tennessee Titans at Arrowhead Stadium. The Titans won 26-10. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Last season ended in disappointment

Thought it was our year,

the long awaited anointment

crumbled into a pool of tears

Came so close, but heads fell so far

The clock wasted away

while injuries took so many stars

The record-breaking winning streak ended that day

Who knows what could have been

if Houston, Maclin, and Ware had been healthy

But that’s in the past, IT’S 2016 CHIEFS FANS


Dorsey traded down in the draft to acquire picks,

and let Denver trade up for Paxton Lynch

But Dorsey pulled out his magic wand, conjured up some magic tricks

and we ended up with picks on picks!

How about getting first round talent

in the second round?

Our defense has more balance

and opposing helmets will make cracking sounds

A youth-injected secondary will surprise many

Keivarae Russell, Eric Murray, and D.J White

Turnovers, they’ll force plenty

by straying in the quarterback’s sights