Week Two: Chiefs/Eagles Poetic Recap

(This is something I’ve started doing on Facebook at the beginning of the season) Chiefs Eagles, Week Two I know a few Eagles fans Heck, I just got back from work in PA and I’ve got a sad story for you titled Chris Jones always making the backfield his eternal home written by Travis Kelce […]

Life on the Gluten free/Casein free diet, Weekend Worries (CHIEFS FOOTBALL IS BACK)

Thursday, September 7th 8:42 am Since starting the diet on Tuesday, I’ve felt pretty good about myself. Working around donuts, sandwiches, and seemingly all the pastries in the world will not be easy today. Although the bakery across from our stand does have gluten free options, I don’t work for them, so I don’t get […]

Kansas City Chiefs 2016 Pump-Up

  Last season ended in disappointment Thought it was our year, the long awaited anointment crumbled into a pool of tears Came so close, but heads fell so far The clock wasted away while injuries took so many stars The record-breaking winning streak ended that day Who knows what could have been if Houston, Maclin, […]