Show Me

Don’t show me your body. Show me what’s underneath devious skin. Deceptive layers of flesh are hardly attractive in the darkness we dance in. There are galaxies of inevitable possibility within you. If I can reach inside I’d find the stars. NASA looks up, but I look straight ahead. For what I’ve already found, for […]


Left without a hint or trace of your existence Something smells afoul with the cryptic remnants of our communications Hardly a mastermind of an escapee, I find the traces, I find the littered remains of the thoughts you once had for me Bitter tasting potions, recollections of the failure I achieved in satisfying your needs […]


Red For the blood on my hands And the remains of the heart Still frantically beating underneath poached skin Red For the children who never matured with grace or dignity And saw age forced upon them for the sake of sex Still pulsating, their genitalia could hardly keep up Red, oh Red There was always […]


Whisper to me If you would but listen I would take you to the end of the world Time is a spectre of our finality But together we can last forever The breasts on which I lay my head Is a portal to worlds unknown to men Softly you trace my heart Tender hands are […]

Down – Deveraux Frazier

Originally posted on Whisper and the Roar:
Down Down Down Deep into the darkness we go Depths uncharted but by one Death discharged into the youngest one Down Into the valleys we praise the one light Down Into the dungeons we sing our names The last trinket of humanity remains In souls that were pure…


I set no pace Give no commands Lead no men But I pace my words with contemplation Command my thoughts into stanzas Men read my words and praise me And I feel as if I’m worthless Surely I am the last of my line Nobody to continue on and finish the race Nothing to give […]


She’s there On the other side of my heart We dance around the fountain My truth, my words, her hands, her worth I speak slowly in stutters, approaching As if I already know my fate But as much as I would love to know her I don’t She is a phantom in my endless night […]