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Swelter And Swallow


hit down the line
blood drips to half time
swelter and swallow, is it mine
(yes, now heed this rhyme)

every single time you trip and fall
the demon’s of your past got you and all
of your fears and admonitions come true
thrust and ejaculate on you they do

cause they smell the fear of a child’s mind
and I’m not talking bout you, but me
yes this is mine, this psycho mind
trips and stumbles over fake lines

cause I’ve got a human mind, just like you
and I try to believe what I’m listening to
but sometimes it’s all fucking fake
fastball, fastball, sinker, oh you took the bait

on the spectrum, so I’m cautious of everyone
cause I can’t trust any human under the sun
except for her, and look what happened
the damage is cruel, the deed is done

so back to the blood I was speaking of
I feel me drowning, look at it run
around my face, down my thighs
trembles of death tick down with time

approaching the grave, my life a fail
cause there wasn’t a soul I didn’t save
not even my own, I am a mess
life’s just a pay stub of death

Please Save Me (My Petition)


there and back again
dark lord, specimen of sin
silence of peace, he’s come to rend
mechanical grin

wielding a silent force, he silences the voice
strangling the victim, who has no choice
but to give his life and rights
weeping in slavery, there is no price

just lifelong servitude
to a silent stalker who has no use
swallowing the sperm of his dominion
bowing profusely to the abuse

if silence comes in waves
then I’ve surely drowned
under the weight of births
I am giving my body, but I make no sound

unless I wish to burned
by the fire of one I universally serve
without joy, without condition
except it is the condition

please save me
my petition

Midnight Highs In An Unknown Alley


sitting in the middle of an alley
I’m below whatever’s in the valley
heart sliding, soul slipping down a slope
it’s hard to breathe when failures have you
pants down, neck choked
just got paid but my soul is broke
nobody hears these cries
another verse, another song
the road just keeps winding
poorly remembered faces
cloud my memory like a devilish throng
tossing my spirit like a romaine lettuce
Boy, they’ve got the wrong tongs
and they’re dressing me wrong
booby traps line the path into the night long
mine is Kelsi Monroe
I know it’s wrong but I can’t say no
I trust myself for a night
as far as I can throw
when the world is calling blitz
roving defenders in the box
I melt faster than snow
resting on a Tucson home
my hands roam
wherever you let them
be it good, be it sin
I can’t say no, I let you in
do what you please, don’t mind me
and as I’m dying today
I think I finally see
I’ve made a mess of me
about to die a death eternally
I think I’m not free
I am free
I think I’m free
I’m not free
the waters I’ve always hated
the eternal sea
are the only thing
that can save me





Tried And True (never applied to you)


methods tried and true
have never applied to you
walking around like
you’re one of them
but you knew that I can’t
follow through
the lies creep through terminally
like a cancer they subjugate
subliminally they deceive
convince you of the king
you were never meant to be
promise riches, money, and fame
girls, boys, girls, whatever you enjoy
just for a piece of your name
people seem kind on the outside
but inside they’re coy
and shiftless
hoping to overwhelm with thanks
supposed acts of kindness
part of polite society
just to catch you witless
in face of the pressure
I’ve taken their measurements
and watched the concoction
blow up in their face
because no matter where I work
or where I live
I have no place
you can’t confine me off race
or the lines of misery on my face
on and on
they try to box us in
say they’re aware
while they grin
at the kid who won’t listen
to the shit
that he’ll never amount to anything
he’s got his wit, he just doesn’t know it
teach these kids to embrace it
own it
I can’t make it go away
the pain endures
until we stop breathing
but stop heaving
you courageous archer
not of this earth
whatever they call it
when you enter into life
from birth remember
this is not a curse
no disgrace
but to ignore it is a waste
you only get one chance
so take what’s yours
step up to your place
I’m watching you
I love you
and I’ll be here
till we get it right


Secrets Defiled The Womb



and cracking
she bled onto the pavement
children within
too much to bare
any longer
much fonder of isolation
her secrets defiled the womb
of her individuality
the one she looked to for protection
twisted the hands
bent the feet
and broke the time
left to wander for eternity
growing belly a mark for all
to see
repulsed by her nudity
and offended by her fate
the world shades it’s eyes
from the difficult
the sex slaves go unnoticed
and she too was abandoned
crying out one last time
she offered the air the sacrifice
of her body
she offered the ground her life
free from the bond of gravity
her tears flowed effortlessly
and for once her heart was satifised
to bow one final time
and exit
the scene

The Beast Inside


when backed into a corner
dreams and flings
pushed aside
tabletops overturned
the whole room watches you now
crowbars and crustaceans
you picked an amazing crowd
nothing matters as much as how
they beat you, played you
now it’s time for you to come out
louder than ever
shining bright to last forever
shocking them to suddenly
the aches and pains
nobody ever cared to say
or stay
we left you alone
till you were ready
almost twenty now
but it always seemed a lie
when they thought you couldn’t hear
you’d be counting the time
counting time the teacher says
just when will it be over
can you go to bed
the kids make fun
strangers treat you as dumb
all along you’re supposed to be fine
but deep down
real numb
mommy, I’m hurting
she says
but there’s no doctor for us
so she continued
to be bled
by scalpels and scissors unknown
to all
but the voiceless muse
that’s controlling me


Alone At A Table For Two

wamtacalone at a table for two
the servers question me
with disparaged stares
arrows shooting through shrouded mystery
misunderstanding the view
through silent glass of thoughts
happily ever after never seemed
such a lonelier proposition
than now
the view through empty shot glasses
painting a mirage of misery
drunk everyday
the shame of the air
shiftless and silent
being the height of company
can only deepen the trudgery
of ever attempting to try
someday I whisper
leaving the check and tip
across from the love
I never had

Till Breath Fades Away

till breath fades away
and hearts dance
to their final beat
I will love you
though time and tempest
will join hands and take
serpents from the sea
and swallow the lands
in a cascading wave of flame
though sun and moon
will correspond to wilt
and weather
no better will walking
be to running
for when the eons are let loose
genocide and suicide
are yours only to choose
as the masses

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Toss A Bottle Out The Window


You see

Me bleeding out

You see

The sky falling apart

You see

Them pack their bags


Runaway from me

I’m too slow

To stop them

Our vows

She had forgotten

But we didn’t match

Never have

Never will

The pain is great

The surprise, worse

I shall forever be stuck

Between love

And hate


And anger


As I watched her

Toss a bottle through the window

And my heart

Went up