Poetry with Devereaux Fraizer “I don’t mourn the dead bodies”

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Hey Hi my lovelies! My name is Tanya Hooper and I post on this blog every Friday at 7pm … well, I usually post on this blog every Friday at 7pm but unfortunately this post is late. I have recently begun university and with all the craziness surrounding starting a new chapter in my life I may have forgotten to upload this amazing poem by the very talented Devereaux Fraizer. If you haven’t already do be sure to head across to his blog and check it out because if you are anything like me you will absolutely adore him. So share your love with him by sharing liking and commenting on this post and without further ado I am so very honoured to introduce this amazing poem to you …

I don’t mourn the dead bodies
but the emotions
last forever
haunting memory until we submit
to inevitable will

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Liebster Award: You’ve Been Nominated! (Thanks ThatGirl4Ever)


Thanks to ThatGirl4Ever for nominating me for the Liebster Award. She posted Award Nomination on the 17th of this month, but I just saw it yesterday night. (I get anxious even online, and often overlook things) She’s a great teen blogger with fun and interesting posts. You would be doing it wrong if you didn’t go check her out.

Ten random facts about me:

  1. Never been out the country
  2. Man crush on Travis Kelce (I mean, come on….)


3. (You all know I love Kate Upton and Kara Delevingne, but also…)

bf541a6a51ea7d164e8ff6b0750c1f6f--mandy-kay-beautiful-models.jpg(one of the few PG-13 pics of my future ex-wife)

4. I’m afraid of heights

5. I eat Kiwi’s whole (skin and everything)

6. Also afraid of: large bodies of water

7. I didn’t know who Guy Fieri was until four months ago

8. Never eaten crab

9. I can’t sing

10. Once booted off Black Ops 3 for killing one guy too many times

Now, to answering her questions

What are you afraid of?

Girls. And centipedes.

What’s your fav. genre for movies?

Action. Anything with Jennifer Lawrence.

The tv show you regret watching?

American Dad. Because I watch at least five episodes every night.

What’s your top life goal?

Leaving as many people with the truth as I can. Especially about autism. And the reality behind politics.

What’s your fav. book of all time? (any language)

A Northern Light (tied with The Jungle) 

What are your most common top six lies?

I’m normal. I don’t want to get married. I’m okay. Tell me more. Writing is hard. Barack Obama was a decent president.

What would you use your one wish on?

Humanity. Stop killing one another.

What’s the first thing that attracts you to a person? 

If it’s a girl? The eyes. Smiles are close, though. (I usually say whatever’s inside their shirts but I’m really trying to tone down my horndog traits.)



Pretty Kool Dame


Broken Blue Sky


Ana P Rose

King Ben’s Grandma

Brink Brink Break

Keely The Cynical Reject

That Was You, America

I felt something die

again today

my eyes at the unforgiving

nature of humanity

beating and burying

who don’t agree

my ears at the screams

of the living dead

we see them everyday

but who knows

until ends

my heart at the catastrophe

raging over every part

of our world

when will we look up

and realize peace has been staring at us

all the time

tears flow like the blood

of Israeli children

may the bombs one day cease

sadness stings like knives

cutting through flesh

may the mutilation of multitudes of muslim women end

I felt something  die

and that was you,


Week In Review: Gluten Free Diet Update and (Finally) Some Goods News Regarding Publication


Now that my busy weekend of work is over, I can catch you all up on what’s been going on with this side of the internet…

-Published (AGAIN) on SpillWords

My poem “They’re All Dead” has been up since Wednesday. Go check it out here: SpillWords

-GF/CF Diet Update

I kinda broke my diet Thursday. I’m not supposed to drink milk, but I did. Discovering it goes well with unsweetened tea, I had a (FEW) glasses. I immediately felt sick. That tells me two things. One, I really shouldn’t have it. Two, my body’s defense systems are attacking faster now that there’s less they have to deal with. I’ve also been feeling very agitated lately, and my poetry has taken more of a violent twist. I dunno if that’s worth mentioning, but even my mom mentioned it to me.

Chiefs/Chargers today! giphy-2.gif


Whisper To Me



songs whisper to me

deep the valley of Mars

aliens strum away in crescent moons

Venus, fall into my arms so soon

traveling on a pathway of darkness

the words give me the light

wanderers we always have been

never alone but never truly at home

nuclear ties that love and lust

more and less we represent the best and worst

that is humanity

Adele calms me

hurting, crying, saying, regretting

she’s like me, far more talented

but just as broken by those who claimed to love

broken, huh

this world forgets how to remember

we suffer the calamity

if the earth is about peace

why is extinction the remedy

deep sigh

I wave goodbye

no, not you, HER

you know who you are

it’s like that sucker punch move in movies

when somebody starts running

and you think they’re coming for you

but then another person with outstretched arms

embraces them instead

it’s funny until it happens

to you

it’s funny until you realize

they always knew

people write their hearts

on your sleeves

but who’s willing to get close enough

to betray

and discover the secret to keeping the lie going

is the truth we never mention to tell

Life On The Gluten Free/Casein Free Diet, Week Two: Bristol Trip

September 14 8:11am
Going out of state today, as I’ll be working at our Bristol store this weekend. My second trip, I feel much more prepared than when I went the first time. Hopefully the snotty customers won’t get on my nerves as much. I don’t do a good job of hiding my disdain for certain people. There’s also someone I like. Possible update on that later….
My body feels exponentially different, and I feel stronger in certain areas. My balance (big Aspie no-no) has gotten better in my workouts, and I can (nearly) sustain eye contact with someone for (maybe) a third of a conversation. Best of all (?), I actually nearly hated being by myself this week, which might have played into my decision to ask my boss to work in PA over the weekend. Progress much? I’m not sure, but the signs are encouraging.
About to head onto the floor. Hopefully today is a busy day.
Forget about busy. It’s Thursday. Our usual slow day. I just like it when it’s busy because then I can really get lost in the flow of work. Anyway, the donuts aren’t calling my name. I’m so excited for tomorrow my stomach is tight. Or maybe that’s last night’s half an hour of crunches talking. Maybe both. .
At my bosses parents house. Staying with them over the weekend. No electricity (they’re Amish), so I won’t be posting anything until I get back home (Saturday or Sunday). Can’t wait to get back on WordPress. Also hoping I took Andy Dalton out my fantasy lineup. Tired, but since I’ve gotta be up at two thirty anyway, I really don’t feel like going to bed. Maybe I won’t. There’s no WiFi though so I’m not sure how long that’s going to last. Maybe I’ll just write the night away. Sounds like a good title.
“Adele calms me
hurting, crying, saying, regretting
she’s like me, far more talented
but just as broken by those who claimed to love”

“not afraid of danger, the Queen of time
pushing boundaries until the end
no wonder your heart gave out
long before mine”
<place hand on her heart>
Sometime after ten…
Kinda still up but not really.
Friday, September 15 th
AYYY. Ready for the day. Also need to go back to sleep. Got another hour and a half before I need to be up. Feels odd being disconnected from the outside world for so long.
I’m up. Bout to go take a shower and get ready for work. Hopefully my Hunt Valley customers don’t miss me too much (they probably won’t. nobody even asked where I was the week after I came up here back in the summer)
Done getting dressed. Don’t have to leave until three thirty but I have a bad habit of oversleeping so better early than late.
On our way to market. Gotta pick up some more people first. We won’t get to Bristol to closer to/right at 6am.
Second break.
Off work. What a day. Not nearly as hectic as the last time I was here. It felt like a usual day at Hunt Valley. Laughed a lot with my coworkers. All in all great day. Just downed some apple cider and fully intend on finishing some chicken wings once I get back to the house.
Settling into bed. Had a few cans of pineapple juice to settle my stomach. I really shouldn’t mix mountain dew and coke in slurpees anymore. Had a riveting stomach ache until nearly ten this morning. Then I remembered that processed sugar screws with our own blood sugar production. That explains why I was so hectic this morning. I couldn’t do anything right. Anyhow, this will be my last night here. I work tomorrow, and then I’m on the greyhound back home tomorrow afternoon. I really enjoy working in Bristol with Mary, Phares, Serena’ Annie, and Matt. They’re a great bunch to work with, really reliable, and always lending a helping hand. Sometimes I wish I had gotten to work here years ago. Anyway, will probably listen to some music before I head off to sleep. Weird thing about last night was that I never fully slept. My body was in kinda like a standby mode. My ears were closed, and I felt rested, but not quite asleep. I have to be that way, getting up at two thirty and all. There’s this place at the market that makes gourmet smoothies, so I drank those all day. The bakery has gluten free options, but not much else. Good thing I brought food from home.
Correction: Working at Hunt Valley tomorrow since I won’t be able to get a ride to the greyhound station in Philly. No biggie. I go home a little earlier than expected.
Saturday, September 16
Ready to head back home. Didn’t listen to any muisc last night, as I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. Must’ve been more tired than I thought.
Back at Hunt Valley. Feels weird being here this early. I could sleep some more. Can’t.
My food box still smells like old oatmeal. It is not a good smell.
Off. What a weekend. Sweaty, covered in chocolate, and mildly exhausted. Nothing From Under The Cork Tree can’t fix, though. Can’t wait to see the Chiefs play tomorrow.

Something I Hope To Have


the night falls
so suddenly, so still
I run my hand down your leg
hanging over one side of my window sill

the cool air stops at your face
hardened with silence, but stoked by touch
you gaze into my soul, the love rises from our ashes
we were lost souls but found our place

among the long trails we counted stars
you planted seeds crimson crime on my lips
forbidden fruit that always hung in my eyes
I tasted your breath most deeply from afar

there were times when we didn’t agree
once you nearly turned your back
I dared and you threw hands up in defeat
you mean too much to ever, ever leave

moonlight accentuates emerald eyes
aren’t I lucky to have this flower of mine
saving my seed for your petals only
only waiting for the perfect time

I sigh deeply
and you whisper dreamily
I’m going, but I’ll be gone tomorrow
don’t ever doubt, trust that love with follow

the road is long, but so is our trust
through the dark, through the rain
and every bit of fleeting pain
I’ll be there, waiting you in the end



Beautiful And Tragic Is This World


beautiful and tragic
is this world
the kiss of magic
with blue and purple sunrise
blessing us with heat and light
all the while a child dies
under the heat of oppression
they fade away
tossed away like plastic bottles
there’s more of them to be replaced
as we play
on sandy shores against backdrops
of crystal blue waters
how many of these black teens
don’t have fathers?
lost so many in the mania
of Bill Clinton’s war on drugs
leaderless and lacking
they’re now today’s thugs
and we are drowning in drugs
that border just won’t close
so kids get packages stuck up their nose
and sent to America on filthy trains
we really are insane
everybody worried about Trump and Clinton
but how about what’s written
inside the Koran
wipe the infidel off the Earth?
that doesn’t sound like a religion of peace
but God forbid if I’m not PC
they try to silence me
destroy me
kill me
like they did to Rachel Carson
when she discovered how we were killing lives
or Zecharia Sitchin
when he proved our origins
aliens, bitches
that’s who we are
Planet X from afar
remember the name
when they finally come to call
riding around in fancy cars
and who cares
about the kids in public school
they’re not being taught but trained
to live lives as government slaves
never asking any questions
because they’ve been told not to question
fake history, fake science
your parents too damn dumb and they buy it
look in the mirror
six pack, big sack
acne, pimples, or picture perfect
what’s the price you’re willing to pay
for a piece of pretend pie
is it all really worth it?




Over the last couple weeks, I’ve been thinking about how to improve my blog. The reason for my hiatus last month was to find ways to improve. My blog is a big part of my life, and I feel like if I made changes there, I should make changes here. Nothing fancy, but little things here and there. The things that are often overlooked but essential to truly having a peaceful, pleasant life.

Since Tanya over at https://tanyatale.wordpress.com has been featuring my work (thanks again, Tanya!), I’ve decided to do the same. There’s so many bloggers on WordPress that have helped me, so I want to give back a little. I’m going to start featuring bloggers in guest posts starting next week! 

Who am I looking for? Well, since this is an aspergers/autism blog, those who mainly deal with those topics will be first priority. I can’t post videos (I’m not that upgraded, yet), but stories, articles, and memoirs about autism/aspergers, along with general mental health, are all eagerly accepted. 

However, I’m not ending the invitation there. I’m leaving it open to writers and bloggers of all sorts. Your passion could be politics, art, food, or travel. Just as long as you love writing, though. If your posts are mainly/completely pictures, I can’t take it. (A picture here or there though is fine) If you do decide to send me your work, please include a short bio with your name (either your real one or pseudonym). 

(If you already have a blog, but want another place to put it, that’s fine too!)

To submit your work, email it to me at chiefssince09@Gmail.com, send me a message through my Facebook page, or direct message on twitter (follow @marylandpoet and I’ll follow back) 

I can’t wait to see what you send! 🙂 🙂 🙂

(And, if you could share this post to maximize viewership, that would be fantastic)







We Support It (Snowfall)


wake up in the morning, gotta pull myself out of bed
sweat sticking to my sheets, summer heat
got nosebleeds at their peak, somebody save me
there’s gotta be more than the crack on these streets

it’s the middle of July but there’s such a snowfall
see them license plates from Miami and New York
roll call
every time a bag gets dealt some kid’s getting that belt

across the face, cause his daddy don’t care
only on the first of the month when stamps come out is he there
but by the thirty first you can’t find him anywhere
maybe in a back alley pulling a girl by her hair

money, money, sex, drugs, now you know
how these little kids grow
don’t have education, don’t have leaders
mom single parent house, but they don’t ever see her

crying on the couch, in front of that crucifix
she won’t forget the trial date tatted on her wrist
but she don’t have support, and nearly lost grip
on the only thing that ever mattered, her little kid

cause the streets are getting colder, teens getting bolder
look, even eight year olds giving parents cold shoulders
or poppin off revolvers
the black community nothing but a big smolder

covered by the media, protected by the news
cause they never talk about the real view
the birds eye view won’t get you shot
or held up by a junkie looking for some pot

point black range, this is our game
the dead bodies piling up got us going insane
so use to death we ignore it
hell, GTA V, we support it