Stopping, And You

godammit I’m supposed to be sleeping but it’s 3am, and I’m lying in bed staring at your pictures the next moment, the next memory stalled over my head like a bad storm and my clothes you’ve worn, my heart you’ve pulled at till I was sure it was torn but I just keep coming back […]


Walk into my kitchen, see what I can make Take these childhood memories And mix them with countertop liquor Throw some adolescent love in between You’ll get the fucking mess that is me Depressed and closed up, I don’t express well Social outings, suicidal game of show and tell I try to be normal but […]

alone 🥺

Leave me alone No, seriously Leave me alone I didn’t ask to be put in this body But here I am, and my emotions stay crawling Burrowing and buried underneath the tears Broken hearted, still drawing I just want your attention Tell me that you’re near, tell me that you care I’ll keep writing until […]


Do you remember me Do you remember me now The laughs we had, or the pain we shared Our fathers never treated us right So we looked for men in our lives Who would Could It’s not easy bearing the burden of youth Who, while valiant and inspired, were poisoned By the one meant to […]

I Will

Glowing shadows piqued interest To no avail were we satisfied We’re another vessel, this is just another war You are nothing more Than history’s measuring stick Stretching from footprints in mud That we still don’t comprehend To a race of people no longer in chains But hardly free from a system whose revisions Stiffened the […]