Amnesty International Decriminalizing Sex Trade


For the blood on my hands

And the remains of the heart

Still frantically beating underneath poached skin


For the children who never matured with grace or dignity

And saw age forced upon them for the sake of sex

Still pulsating, their genitalia could hardly keep up

Red, oh Red

There was always more, one nights, one hundred nights

They could never be enough

But for the men who held them captive, there was always more

To go around, slap lipstick on three year olds

And force pills into toddler boys to make them harder


For the tears uncollected by the outside

Prayers be pots and pans in a thunderstorm

Good wishes be the lifeboats of the Titanic

In all of the tweets there is but little compensation

For the children so hallucinatory that even their own lives

Seem imaginary


I Know My Worth- Devereaux Frazier

My piece, “I Know My Worth”, published on Whisper and the Roar

Whisper and the Roar

I know my worth
Are you sure about that 
They ask me in the twilight hours
Caressing the vain sense and sensibilities
Of someone already caught in the eye
Storms vast, lighting strikes wide and deadly
The waves toss my hapless soul overboard
And plunge me deep into the abyss of sorrows
But alas, they are not my own
Not mine to keep
Just bitter tales of man and woman
Too deep in love to remain apart
When the fates have aligned they should
Swords run through aghast faces
Spears pluck the youth from their mothers
And leave carcasses piled high to heaven
Are you sure you know your worth 
When everyone around you is bleeding
And everything is choking on the blood
Not of their own, and not of yours
But of their forefathers, and all their mistakes
How blessed can life truly be when pain
Is served for…

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Every Inch Of You Is Another Stripe of Agony

Never mind, I don’t need you
The earth closes over any trace of you
And shuddering skies thunder and storm
At the mention of your name
Forgive me if I was ignorant and young
Forgive me if I was impressionable and eager
To please every inch of your royal throne
Illustrious and lacking in beauty nowhere
I found your chin to be a safe haven of peace
Resting beneath your eyes I could finally fly
Into you, into you, I dumped my sorrow
Wilting away, drugs in my veins were kisses
Departed unto me the respect in viewing
Doors locked to all before me
I was sure, in assuring voices you promised
To always be there, to always see me there
See me off to the depths of night
And in the return of day, you’d guide my way
You promised!
Broken hearts are so overrated
Heart as cold as ice?
Get a better line
My head is clamped shut with steel spikes
Pry me open and loose your life
Just to discover someone that hates more
Despises more, furies more
And always raging in words
To describe my sincerest form of agony
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We are Recruiting New Baristas for the Go Dog Go Cafe

Go Dog Go Café


It is the mission of Go Dog Go Café’s Mission to provide a warm, inviting and inspiring gathering space for building a healthy and supportive writing community.  We are also committed to providing the Go Dog Go Community with a mix of special features that explore the writing life and exciting original writing from a diverse group of talented writers.  To keep things fresh here at the GDG Cafe, we are currently recruiting new Baristas.

Barista Expectations:

  • Submission of two to three pieces (poetry, prose, writing prompt or short fiction) of original writing a month
  • Commitment to actively participate in the Go Dog Go Community by visiting often, reading and commenting on posts and showing support for patrons and Baristas
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Whisper to me

If you would but listen

I would take you to the end of the world

Time is a spectre of our finality

But together we can last forever

The breasts on which I lay my head

Is a portal to worlds unknown to men

Softly you trace my heart

Tender hands are the key to my servitude

I align myself with your body

Eyes locked into each other, tongues awash

In remembering the love we shared last night

The coffee on your breath engulfs my nostrils

And I taste the bitter regret locked away

Hide it down, deep down, but you can’t hide

Never, my head searches your innermost being

Kissing the pretty pink lips of your womanhood

Biting in earnest to bring you back

Reeling the tears out of your portal eyes

I land a million kisses upon your cheeks

Each one deeper than the first

I feel your nails digging into my back

And thighs that just won’t be still

When we’re locked together, like this

There’s nothing I would leave hidden

And everything I would miss

Just to share this moment with you

To bring you comfort and pain

Morning glory and evening rain

Flaud as you are

There’s something that pulls me closer

And I can’t let it go

Down – Deveraux Frazier

My poems on the exploitation of women for Whisper and the Roar

Whisper and the Roar

Deep into the darkness we go
Depths uncharted but by one
Death discharged into the youngest one
Into the valleys we praise the one light
Into the dungeons we sing our names
The last trinket of humanity remains
In souls that were pure and sane
We become human no more
The key to our paradise is just a door
For lust to be ejected and erected
Go our heads, hands, and feet
Offset by the blood and tears going up
On and on go turned on males
But down goes our daughters
Down to our wives
Down to mothers

Down goes their cry of agony tonight

Pour a little oil
The pour a lot
The anguish of their tears matters not
Do it for the culture
Do it for the vultures
The predators on back pages
And the scum of Hollywood stages

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I set no pace

Give no commands

Lead no men

But I pace my words with contemplation

Command my thoughts into stanzas

Men read my words and praise me

And I feel as if I’m worthless

Surely I am the last of my line

Nobody to continue on and finish the race

Nothing to give besides a full head

But empty heart

Call it rejection, call it shooting my shot

I fall short every time

I feel I was better when I was younger


Numb by the empty faces

I fade slowly into the back

And let her go

And I feel as if my path is refurbished

Not my own, but here I am

Directed by the Earth, but I follow my own plan

Testosterone tells me glide not walk

Testosterone says get up when I fall

Testosterone says keep texting

Every shot I miss pushes me to shoot again

Each blank slate says draw again

And I feel as if I’m emboldened

By the struggle, by my reality

I can’t read you, but I throw it anyway

Double, triple coverage, I don’t even care

I’ll keep firing

Until I find someone who does


She’s there

On the other side of my heart

We dance around the fountain

My truth, my words, her hands, her worth

I speak slowly in stutters, approaching

As if I already know my fate

But as much as I would love to know her

I don’t

She is a phantom in my endless night

And a shadow on my bedroom door in twilight

I chase her to ends of my city, then beyond

She runs on swift winds, torturing my hands

With fire my bones are weakened

In the presence of her everything I’m nothing

Just a boy betrayed by a man’s desire

To extend himself into the future

Through her I can become immortal

Immortal man through mortal wishes

Of the never ending love to a woman of earth


The ties that bind us

Will soon suffocate beyond belief

And measuring the blood spilled

It would seem as a Great War has taken us

Yet the truth is quite the voyeur

And in the diaries of our memories

It will be told that we simply could not go on

We loved more than a flesh corpse could

We loved in spite of what we should

The crows gathered around our final days

Waiting for the bones to mingle and play

The earth beheld our relationship

Passion entrenched in clay

Dreams in the bark of ancient sycamores

Idolization of each other’s strengths

Forgot the weaknesses of our weak links

Breaking us apart in this universe

And the next


I carry the weight of unfulfilled love

And words so close to center stage

Yet so far from gracing your eyes

Raw emotion punished my patience I exude

Running long into the night, I have no rest

I am never satisfied, never quenched

Never still, I write, write, write, write

The only time I feel alive is now

When my true self is singing aloud

My inner soul alight on the tapping of keys

Fingertips connect me to the paradise I belong

Yours Truly

I am emptied in the gushing of heartspeak

Left for dead by the world that wishes

I wouldn’t speak

Right to defy, but burdened by the resistance

I have few friends, but you, the closest witness

Can see where I have come, and have become

Not flawless, but unashamed in my identity

Yet ashamed whenever I feel accomplished

There is so much more to say

Banging our page after page, I am close

Wrecking this construct of time

With rhymes they couldn’t hardly see coming

With a smile in the mirror

I bow and exit the stage

Thank you to everyone who’s seen me through