Autism Awareness Month Post Twenty-One: I Do It For My Family, My Autistic Family


Each day I come in

and don my white apron

smile, and polite greetings

I step to the demons

and grit my broken teeth

leave them seething

each day I make change

empty powder-covered trays

and laugh at Mary’s favorite team

and their horrible receivers

I step to the establishment

and stab them in the face

out of shy autistics I make believers

every tip received

and check cashed

shows them how far I’ve come

I’ve aged pretty fast

not in years, really

but in confidence

in determination

and in courage

I don’t carry a chip on these shoulders

I carry the dead of Mount Everest

and quiet should your expectations stay

lest you trigger my sensitivity

and cause me to uncloak

the dreaded focus and commitment

that the profession continues to revoke

I work for my family

my autistic family

the ones with moths on their web pages

and female warriors, too

“Aspergian’s can’t work in customer service”

if only you knew

that I do it

to prove you wrong

I dance to the beat of my hand-flapping


tell-tale autistic drum

and marching in the opposite direction

eventually gets you noticed

and soon others are eager

to sing along



My Job At Mary’s Gourmet Coffee and Donuts

Well, I’ve been working at Mary’s Gourmet Coffee and Donuts for a month now, and I figured I’d write a post about it. It’s mostly pictures of donuts and fry pies (more on that later), but there’s nothing wrong with that, is there?




The fry pies (apple and cherry, left to right) are literally pastries from heaven. They’re sweet, delicious, and melt in your mouth…and you’ll have to start working out like me to melt off all the extra calories LOL

My favorites are the peanut butter long johns (the ones in the boxes with light brown icing) and coconut cream (coconut shavings on top with white icing)

…but we really don’t have a bad donut, and the fact they’re made fresh everyday is another reason why I love them.

The ones on the left are our other fry pies, and the ones on the right are our vanilla long johns…really addictive!


This was really fun, and a nice reprieve from all the poetry. Not that poetry is bad, but I thought I’d throw in something new. Are you as hungry as I am now? Hopefully I’ll do this again, and if there’s another picture post of my life you’d like to see (like e during my writing process, or me playing Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare), leave a suggestion in the comments below!