Too Personal

If I didn’t take it personally Then I wouldn’t feel so deeply And how could I know, then That this love was so real It’s not a make-out and strand each other Kind of love It’s not a think-ima-marry-you Kind of love It’s a kind of love that smiles in the doorway And hugs before […]

Some Good, Some Bad, Mostly In Between

Hello WordPress. Coming to you in my (very awesome) Fall Out Boy Bomber Jacket (I’m not walking around with this on, it was just for this pic), I’ve been more or less tired as of late. Mentally more than physically.. the days have really started to become blurs. Maybe it’s just the season, just the cold, […]

Autism Awareness Month Post Sixteen: Crying On The Couch Because Aspergers Holds Me Back

Head throbbing stories in my head keep reoccurring waking up is always a struggle because life is a tussle between anxiety and responsibility desire and mental makeup consistency and wish for a shake up family, coworkers, strangers they’re all the same they don’t see the wave, they don’t know the pain but they never could […]

Autism Awareness Month Post Eight: I’ve Got Troubled Thoughts, And A Self Esteem To Match

One of my favorite Fall Out Boy lyrics, “I’ve got troubled thoughts and a self esteem to match” matches perfectly with my inner dwellings as someone with Aspergers. I’ve always had issues with doubt, confidence, poise, and joy. I mean, it’s hard to believe in yourself when every time you go out you laugh at […]

Autism Awareness Month Post Six: Songs I Go To When I’m Sad

Part of being an Aspergian is the constant mood swings. One minute, I’m happily doing something, and in the next I’m punching holes into walls (I did as a kid. I was a really angry kid.) Other times I start crying for no apparent reason, only to start watching Family Guy and burst into laughter […]