Lost And Cold

this world is lost and cold this world crests and folds this world stinks and sours this world gives birth and devours sink or swim, you’ll find dead bodies encased in bedrock depravity always believing in eternal gravity dead bodies you used to love, called friends bodies that wrapped around each other spaghetti in a … Continue reading Lost And Cold

Assassinated Nerves

she slouches in the bed empty bottle lay drained on its side he’s tired restless and waiting, as if time never existed and was sure to expire all at once she’s not sleeping, hardly dreaming just wondering, because if his life never existed would the world be better? he picks up his phone, and stares … Continue reading Assassinated Nerves

Dining On The Youth

pour the poor into little cups dish their needs out to the rich wealthy benefactors who placate while wishing to dine and date the young women, teapots brimming with calming wisdom and restoring clarity smash them over the heads with dread threats to sever them from their source saucers shattered from a young age the … Continue reading Dining On The Youth

Universal Energy

one word ten million emotions a trillion neurons firing billions of seconds collide all into one one idea one moment one feeling all of a sudden there’s everything and nothing there’s infinity and calamity nestled in the space between her eyes blue like the ocean brimming with her peace and patience power and passion waiting … Continue reading Universal Energy

Moving Eyes See A World Standing Still

roving melodic steps out of sync timely pauses to see if anyone’s listening pacing is anyone going to notice tap on his shoulder but his head is down, is anyone in there? I stop and spin in disbelief that my whole world is truly, forever gone music doesn’t exist disconnected tunes slaughtered with face tattoos … Continue reading Moving Eyes See A World Standing Still

Devious Men Laughing Delirious

truth offends while I buck the trend stepping on toes, snapping necks the lives of cannibals don’t matter any more than police officers sucking blood they create a mess so we believe we need a savior government, step in save us please we’ll look past the child abduction pedophiles running the White House? we don’t … Continue reading Devious Men Laughing Delirious