Mother Calls

Mother calls, but I Am already gone, like the wind Through the trees, or the words Of the freed, slave to the past I was, searched, gaped, swallow Always last, because I fought first They made a mess of my face Stripped my hands and tore my heart I was one, now I am twenty … Continue reading Mother Calls

What I Lost

where have I been/where have I lost in everything/and in nothing/I’ve lost the sense and sight/the world has no light sickly humans sell human slaves/and I lost all respect for every person/who claims to love but watches movies/eats fast food/you lost my respect/disgusting beasts are man woman and child as well/disease corrupts but you suck … Continue reading What I Lost

Songs of Completion

I feel a wind/cool and enlightening carrying hope/a promise of a better tomorrow or simply the next four hours/I work and try to remain present/but man sees little/and the man would have me starve, die anything but confess he is inadequate/I will go to my grave, full of years/wisdom/words few spoken, many saved/for a day … Continue reading Songs of Completion

does it get better

Sick of the misplaced stupidity, the broken ties of useless lies spewed at me is there a place for a moment of silence, of surrender from the sunken misery that dwells in the soul bottom feeders nibble for half truths because a whole might stuff their throats i’m just so tired, so tired of being … Continue reading does it get better

Stretched Thin

Stretch me, across borders Divisions of church and state Farmland and industrious city From the tips of Appalachia To the Sydney funnel web’s quiet den Amongst the hottest depths And the most unimaginable heights Is a connectedness that has no signal Registers no bars on our devices Yet is the reason we can fight every … Continue reading Stretched Thin

National Poetry Month, Day One (Yes, I Know I’m Behind 😂)

My freedom? The color of my skin? Living in freedom from oppression? Up in flames My neighborhood Under the weight of drugs and wayward cops Lack of fatherly eyes to watch the kids Up in flames Sinister ministers don’t tell us the truth Taking our rent, taking our checks For a promise we’ll never see … Continue reading National Poetry Month, Day One (Yes, I Know I’m Behind 😂)


Z Publishing House recently released the Maryland, Carolinas, and Virginia edition of their Americas Emerging Poets of 2018 series, and I WAS PUBLISHED IN IT! It’s truly been an incredible journey, and one full of disappointments and thoughts I might not ever reach this goal. Since I started writing at the age of 13, I … Continue reading FINALLY: PUBLISHED