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does it get better

Sick of the misplaced stupidity, the broken
ties of useless lies spewed at me
is there a place for a moment
of silence, of surrender from the sunken
misery that dwells in the soul
bottom feeders nibble for half truths
because a whole might stuff their throats
i’m just so tired, so tired
of being overlooked and forgotten
that when somebody wants to be near me
when a certain someone says she really cares
i don’t even believe
why do I expect so much? so little?
is my soul a sieve? my spirit certainly strained
and my heart is a desolate cave
waiting to be filled not with wealth
but the promise
that somehow
this gets better
I get better
Aspergers compilation creative writing Poetry reflections

Stretched Thin

Stretch me, across borders

Divisions of church and state

Farmland and industrious city

From the tips of Appalachia

To the Sydney funnel web’s quiet den

Amongst the hottest depths

And the most unimaginable heights

Is a connectedness that has no signal

Registers no bars on our devices

Yet is the reason we can fight

every negative thought

There is no single demon raising hell

But millions of angry thoughts

Trillions of wayward glances

And billions of careless actions dumped

Onto the unsuspecting infinity

I don’t have a cry, I have the silent whisper

Of a kid forced into adulthood

Because the world can wait

Doing good, though

Has no age requirement

Aspergers compilation Poetry reflections


I feel like I question myself more now

Trying things they don’t seem to think matter

I feel like the worst thing I can do sometimes

Is nothing

So I do something, anything, just to get myself


Somewhere, the buttons line up

And the smiles sign the dotted line

I’m not very good at making friends

But it’s not as if I’ve ever been

So I never fail to achieve unrealistic goals

And the ones I reach have meaning

Because I know that each smile

Is one I didn’t know I had inside me

Until now I didn’t realize how happy I could be

I’m so speechless, I’m so free

I think I’m writing less

Because I’m enjoying

Everything I used to write to avoid

Aspergers compilation Poetry reflections

National Poetry Month, Day One (Yes, I Know I’m Behind 😂)

My freedom?

The color of my skin?

Living in freedom from oppression?

Up in flames

My neighborhood

Under the weight of drugs and wayward cops

Lack of fatherly eyes to watch the kids

Up in flames

Sinister ministers don’t tell us the truth

Taking our rent, taking our checks

For a promise we’ll never see

Up in flames

Futures go, windows close

Nobody sees, nobody knows

And we’re told Cardi B is the way to go

Up in flames

My brothers, sisters, they’re dying

My fathers, mothers, ain’t lying

We don’t know where we’re going but

Up in flames

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Z Publishing House recently released the Maryland, Carolinas, and Virginia edition of their Americas Emerging Poets of 2018 series, and I WAS PUBLISHED IN IT!

It’s truly been an incredible journey, and one full of disappointments and thoughts I might not ever reach this goal. Since I started writing at the age of 13, I hoped to have my words in a book. Through my own personal blog that I’ve run for nearly three years, countless writers groups, endless books, and hundreds of poems (many of which were terrible), I’ve discovered and re-discovered a part of me that I never knew I had. Now i never knew how I lived without it. For those that follow me on here, Instagram, and other venues that have published my words (SpillWords, Teen Ink, Blood Into Ink, Go Dog Go Cafe, and many others), thank you for always supporting me and encouraging me to keep writing. Even when it was hard, even when I didn’t know what to say or how to say it. If you don’t mind taking a look, and maybe even buying, I would greatly appreciate it!

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Needles and The Need For You

Last weekend, I put out a call for writing collaborations to pass the time during what’s been a fairly wet and somewhat dreary time of year. I haven’t done too many collabs (although that’s something I really wanted to change). Fortunately, I know a few good writers not only here but through my Instagram page. One of my favorites, Emily Hayes (who goes by E.R. Hayes on her insta), was eager to join forces. We wound up writing three distinct pieces, and I was thrilled to write and discuss words feedback. Her bio is short but poignant, as she states I’m just a 17 year old trying to make a positive impact on the world through my writing. I always applaud fellow young writers who want to leave their mark through words, especially when they’re as talented as Emily. You can find more of her fantastic words here Emily Hayes. This piece is the third of a three part series. You can read the first here, Death Plays a Quivering Chord


Bundles of needles protrude from my skull

In deep incisions

My left arm is crimson, my self worth

Is missing, the IV is dripping

The doctors won’t listen and you’ve never

Listened, so nothing is different

Well, some things are different like

The migraine that lingers

But I’m sure you’ll say I made it up

Because you never figure

I’ll never have the confidence to pull the


But what if I do? What if I do?

What would you do if I added a bullet to

The group of throbbing needles?

What would you feel? What would you


Would you care if my porcelain skin lay in


I don’t think you’d care, since you’ve never


But I know I care and since I care, instead

Of dying I’ll lie in despair


Surprise, surprise I never do die

I’m lying in between heaven and hell

I just fall away from the antisocial social media

I deprive myself of the Facebook and Twitter

And do an about face regarding words I say

My left arm is tied to my outside, my self worth gone awry

Fulfilled by everyone else’s wishes, not mine

My right arm is tied to my inside, conscience

Smiling goodbye

Rejected by everyone else’s wishes, not mine

But what if I did, for a moment

Follow my own ambitions, what would change

What if I decided to let the others fall away

Like the blood from the IV I’ve cut loose

I grip the edge of the bed and stare out

Into the empty hallway, no longer in doubt

Their screams to lie back down fall down

Around my bare feet gripping wet tiles

I can finally see what I have to do

And it entails all of me, and none of you

I know you don’t care now that I’m free

Wanting to be a slave to you and me

I know If I live I will surely die

But if I die I will finally let the other live

The other me

Brave And Reckless Christine Ray compilation Fellow Bloggers Poetry

Let’s Collaborate!

Just wanted to say how excited I was to be interviewed by Ericka Arthur last week as part of her #WriterCrushWednesday feature. Taking the time to answer her questions was quite the pleasure.

You can read the full interview here:

Back in February, I teamed up with the Brianna, daughter of the fabulous Michelle Cook, to write “Running to Who from Where” (

Then in March, I joined forces with Christine Ray, Basilike Pappa, Eric Syrdal, Nicholas Gagnier, Megha Sood, Sarah Dougty, Kindra Austin, Michael Erickson, Steven Fuller, and John Leys in a poem after the Parkland Shooting (

They were two of my favorite poems I’ve written this year not only because I felt strongly about my part, but that I got to do my favorite thing with people who enjoy doing the same. Writing can be seen sometimes as lonesome, but that’s only if it make it so. This past year, I’ve been expanding my writing content and trying new things. One of the these is collaborations. I’ve only done a couple, but I’m really purposing to do more. A lot more. I feel like I make stronger statements, and connect better with writers and purposes I care about.

So, this is pretty much me saying “If you want to collab with me, here’s your chance!” I’m open to writing about any sort of topic, and if you choose to collaborate I’ll post it on both of my blogs and all social media.

Don’t everybody reply at once 😂😂😂😂😂

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We Cannot Look Away: Not Another 17, Not Another One

I am grateful to be part of such an incredible collective of writers. They’re not just writers, though, but intellectually vibrant thinkers. Their words move mountains, and hopefully our voices will finally call those responsible to justice. Maybe then we will truly have peace.

This piece is our call to action in light of the Parkland violence…

Just another day
just another town
bullet perforated backpacks
spilling loose-leaf lined paper, textbooks
onto blood stained sidewalks
helicopters hovering
to give us the birds eye view
I tried to avert my eyes
out of respect for the dead
the injured
but I could not look away
Christine Ray

Even though I should
Because I am ashamed
At the bullets that rain
At the bullet point pain
Etched in their faces, rivulets in their eyes
They were just children, stolen from their time
Not forgotten in these lines
But to their parents and loved ones
It’s a void they’ll never fill, and it shouldn’t
Lives shredded and ruined
17 times we’ve gotten the chance to do better
and for the 18th, we blew it
Just like those children who looked at their killer

Their killer is not Nikolas

The Killer is you
Devereaux Frazier

Seventeen blossoms
seventeen blinks of an eye
seventeen bullets in the body of spring
and those left behind
food to flashback phobias
memory outbursts
Spring won’t be coming
in a town far away
in a country across the sea
right next to me
Basilike Pappa

Running for class president
Running for the Varsity Football Team
Running to get in line for a movie they can’t wait to see
Running to embrace someone they love
Running and laughing with siblings or friends
Running to get to the dance floor before their favorite song ends
Running for exercise
Running for fun
They should never be running from the thunder of a gun
We’re destroying our future for profit and gain
While they run for their lives
And we’re left with questions and pain
Eric Syrdal

Look away, little bird.
The sky has adjourned, rejecting your flight path
well into wrath.
hell hath no fury like the anger turned apathy, semi-automatic rhapsody that plays on
the overhead speaker that once freed us
from maths.

It doesn’t add up, the physics, social studies, introduction to business, life and
death 101.

Nothing could prepare us for the words we don’t have.
Nicholas Gagnier

Lives swung into darkness
and voices numbed
Eyes losing hope
Blood on the hands, soul
screams and tears everywhere

Deafening silence of the death
and roaring sound of the violence
life stripped of its happiness
and tears losing the feeling

Yet again, My heart is hopeful
Lips in unison with the prayers
Trying to calm my self down
Thinking It won’t happen again

But deep down inside
I know we all are living in denial.
Megha Sood

Spare me your
thoughts and prayers.
Spare me your
people-kill-people babble.
Seventeen more names
added to a statistic
that will never be used.
So, by all means,
let’s keep sending
millions of dollars a year
to powerful people
in exchange for turning
a blind eye.
Proving over and over again
that dollars mean more
than lives.
Sarah Doughty

Seventeen more reasons we grieve.
Seventeen more reasons we’re
broken as a nation.
Seventeen more reasons we must
rise up
a giant against apathy, and
willful ignorance.
Destroy the dissidence.
End the agenda of greed.

Our freedoms are not free—
seventeen more innocent souls sacrificed.
Kindra M. Austin

True horror has unfolded,
We watch on glowing screens of disbelief.
With the voices of innocents ringing in our ears,
Fingers swipe it all away.
As others moved on with their day,
I could not look away.

Grief, pain, disbelief,
All right there, before our eyes.
Yet one headline replaces the next,
That gut wrenching sadness suddenly replaced.
As the topic changes to something else,
I could not look away.

Where is our humanity,
I ask as society moves on from this butchered elephant in the room.
Can’t we just stop and think,
Acknowledge the death, the suffering, the wrongness.
Another day will come and go, setting on our community,
We cannot look away.

Doomed to repeat this dreadful fate,
We need to choose to change.
Insanity is as insanity always does,
As we continue to place ammunition with malignant intent.
What can I do, the individual, the lone soul, this:
I will not look away.
Michael Erickson

Have ourselves
To blame for this
Again and again
An unsolved tragedy
We must hold ourselves to task
For every death. Every child
Like spent shells fallen to the ground
Souls adrift to haunt those who do not act –
Who do not act again and again and again
I cannot look away again, again, again
Again, again, again, again, I cannot look away, not again.
Stephen Fuller

I cannot look away
From the train wreck shit show
This country has become,
Where cash in a senator’s pocket
Outweighs the blood of our children,
Where losing your ‘right’ to own an assault rifle
Is more an abomination
Than Children being murdered in school
Than human beings dying at a concert in Vegas
Than parents burying their babies.
The blood on your hands will not wash away.
I’m with you in Parkland!
Where kids call presidents out on their bullshit.
I’m with you in Parkland!
Where they won’t let hypocrites hide.
I’m with you in Parkland!
Where they call BS on the lies.

I’m with you in Parkland!
John W. Leys

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Remembering My 2017

Well, it’s almost here. Another day, another year. I accomplished a lot in 2017. Some things were expected, but others were pleasant surprises. Here’s the highlights…



My writing took a big leap this year, ending with Kendall Person naming me the best blog he discovered in 2017. My blog also saw a big jump, and I’m so grateful to all my dedicated readers for their continued love and support.

However, the biggest development in my life was starting my job at Mary’s Gourmet Coffee and Donuts. Starting in March, I’ve been so happy working for two incredible women, Mary Stoltfus and Juana Sweigart.




I wouldn’t be who I am today without them, because this job showed me the value of teamwork, honest communication, friendship, focus, and leadership that every man needs. The work may not be full-time, but the lessons are, and I’ve grown so much. Shout-out to Juana’s son, Mike, as he’s been a fun coworker from the start. Even when I lost a bet during the season and had to wear Steelers attire. I also want to say to Bree, Sadie, Katelyn, Kelcie, Esther, Haley, Ryan, Mandie, Phares, Matthew, Sabrina, Diane, Serena, and Sandra that you’re the best coworkers I could have. Especially during my Bristol visits, I felt welcomed and comfortable and even better because of the people I had around me. I hope we can continue to work together, and here’s to an even better 2018. 

Looking back at the things I did, and people I spent 2017 with, I can say without a doubt it was a fantastic year. There were so many laughs (thanks Rosa!). There was so much I couldn’t put it all here. I’m thankful to everyone who I came across this year, because in one way or another, you made me better. 


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Mystery Blogger Award: You’ve Been Nominated!


I’ve been nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award, this time by  Jamie. Her blog, a very colorful and informative page on life with Aspergers (near and dear to my heart), is one of my all-time favorites and is a joy to read.

The award was created by  Okoto Enigma and you would be remiss not to check other work as well!

The rules for this award

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Three things about me:

  1. Flirting makes me hungry
  2. I just completed the GTA V storyline and its hands down the best game I’ve ever played
  3. My two favorite women on Earth


My best posts (in my opinion, because obviously other people might like other ones more)

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My nominees

Feeling moderately lazy, so I’m not going to hit up everyone’s blog page. If you feel like doing it, great, but if not, just know I really appreciate what you do here on WordPress.