Slave, I Am

Abuse doesn’t always come with a belt Sometimes it comes with the swelling Of a heart next to another Believing to be found, it surrenders Limitations and cautions into the wind Then the pain comes, the welts unbearable “We should talk more” but it never comes The lies are cancers building inside of bones Tragedy … Continue reading Slave, I Am


Why do I let the ocean divide us. The tide of stars, the crest of the moon sailing over me. They are beauty, but they keep me away from you. I never learned to swim, because I was too afraid of what I might swallow. Wind and waves toss and turn unexpectedly. Skull and crossbones … Continue reading Divisions

I Know My Worth- Devereaux Frazier

My piece, “I Know My Worth”, published on Whisper and the Roar

Whisper and the Roar

I know my worth
Are you sure about that 
They ask me in the twilight hours
Caressing the vain sense and sensibilities
Of someone already caught in the eye
Storms vast, lighting strikes wide and deadly
The waves toss my hapless soul overboard
And plunge me deep into the abyss of sorrows
But alas, they are not my own
Not mine to keep
Just bitter tales of man and woman
Too deep in love to remain apart
When the fates have aligned they should
Swords run through aghast faces
Spears pluck the youth from their mothers
And leave carcasses piled high to heaven
Are you sure you know your worth 
When everyone around you is bleeding
And everything is choking on the blood
Not of their own, and not of yours
But of their forefathers, and all their mistakes
How blessed can life truly be when pain
Is served for…

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Let’s Collaborate!

Just wanted to say how excited I was to be interviewed by Ericka Arthur last week as part of her #WriterCrushWednesday feature. Taking the time to answer her questions was quite the pleasure. You can read the full interview here: Back in February, I teamed up with the Brianna, daughter of the fabulous Michelle … Continue reading Let’s Collaborate!

Versatile Blogger Award: Thanks Christine!

I was nominated for this award by Christine Ray over at Christine provides the internet with some of the most elegant and vibrant poetry I've ever read, and I encourage you to check out her work. The rules for this blog require you to name seven interesting facts about yourself and then pass it … Continue reading Versatile Blogger Award: Thanks Christine!