I’m so angry, bitterness condensed Disgusting and molded, don’t touch me I’m so far past your love and care Nothing can bring me back to life Strike a match, strike me a million I’ll just bleed, I always have Bled for false love, went hungry for false hope Left for dead by the slightly more […]

Killing Me Quietly

Steam fills the room Doors shut, headphones in I’m not a danger to anyone but tomorrow The things I ignore tonight And the words I ignite today Giving life to the recreation Spitting fire into the chasm What comes out? Demons run in fear Angel swinging sword marvelous Slice the head clean from the bone […]

Killing of Mother Nature

Lily petals line the resting streams And the dragonflies dash there and then A summers wind rests on my face My back is surrounded by little fishes Big wish, to be seen as the eagle Not the roach Insensitive scum is the ogling heart of man Bitter drinks we heave into our mouths Then watch […]