Waning Youth, Waxing Reality

Tiffany is sprawled out, halfway in satin sheets Her legs dangling over the side of our bed Pillows stained with eyeshadow Wine glasses kissed by her seduction I lift them carefully and tuck her in Ignoring the incoherent mumbles Dancing through her stained lips Black with the bitterness of my tongue The spaces we descended […]

Writers Work Deep

Grace divinely calls to me Whispers silently in cathedral halls I am Curiosity, I am Unfinished Pain Tomorrow is no longer within my sight I must answer today, for the crimes I commit Would have wrung of every blood and breath From a diseased corpse for all Life to see I follow out of the […]

No Life Left

leave me/I am unworthy of your searching unrecognizable to love/immortal wounds meet mortal man/am I too wrong to be right what is my life/what are these, flickering lights never looking far enough to see me/I see and I hide/there is no room left for me to be one with you/is to be undone with everything […]


there is silence within the scars within the senseless there is conviction connection to the spiraling arms and the screaming infinite tears racing towards our eyes neighbors stop and stare admittedly cautious to approach shame may swallow Venus alive as Mercury beats her into submission but galaxies see battering of any life as domestic, for […]

I Loved Tomorrow

I’m bold Not bored Boards splintered Screams whispered And years tatted on my wrists I wasn’t your good one Or the bad I wasn’t anything Anyone to you To anyone My tears were just confirmation Of gayness They said that to my face But take a look at me now I’m crying, but for you […]

Finding The Light

Where’s the sun Everything I’ve done knows no light Little seeds nestled in the shade They threw, I grew Now they can’t stand in my way My shadow eclipses the past The laughs, the jokes I don’t even remember anymore Who are you, who am I Running scared when they see my eyes There’s no […]


You don’t love me Because nobody loves anything Anybody Is just Somebody For an hour A minute A moment To feel To be Not in pain Projected onto anything Anyone Is just a remedy For a spell They cast over themselves I see you with others Hold them, kiss them Then take those lips And […]

Somebody Loved

I’ve walked down this road before Through my creaky, fucked up mind Down the rickety staircase Pale green eyes stare, furry tail waggles But I’m not interested in cuddling I want vengeance My dad told me I’d always be nothing Family friends found me socially repulsive My outdoor graces still need tuning But I’ve got […]

For The Forgotten

This is For the hidden, for the shamed For the weedy, for the abused For the missed, the missing For the forgotten This is For the present but ignored For the wildly accused For the rebellious leaders This is Our meager beginnings Transparent and mercilessly mocked Naked anthills eager to be smashed The twinkle in […]