Deep Down

When nobody’s left to love you And there was never anyone Who cared Why does it matter If you disappear Slipping between the cracks I ascend into hell When I was once upside down The world beneath my feet Is right side up Gravity has no effect on me here And there is more to […]


Are we found guilty? Did I leave my pain All over your chest? Ripped to the core Emptied into little shreds Sobbing as I get to watch Little children play with my body I can’t get away fast enough Their tongues plead for more Swimming faster to the shore I sink into the sandy depths […]

Waning Youth, Waxing Reality

Tiffany is sprawled out, halfway in satin sheets Her legs dangling over the side of our bed Pillows stained with eyeshadow Wine glasses kissed by her seduction I lift them carefully and tuck her in Ignoring the incoherent mumbles Dancing through her stained lips Black with the bitterness of my tongue The spaces we descended […]