I Didn’t Create This

They asked me to ascend to heaven

I told them no

Not a matter of deserve, or right

But rather a fight against my mind

See, I’d love to tell you that heaven

Is a magical place with nothing

save for happiness and merriment

But the truth is I have no clue

And nobody’s come back

To tell us

They asked me to descend to hell

I told them sure

Because I’ve been there before

It’s far less hot than I imagined

But the ice, it runs through my veins

And the frost is blinding

They ask to me to go places

That I’ve either been to already

Or have no proof even exist

One is called hate

The other is love

And I am the firmament

Trapped by gravity

In the middle of a mess I didn’t create


Our Time

We wait

For our time

In the spotlight

After all the chaos

And the calamities cease

We rise from the ashes

Bringing you to your feet

Not with force, but with pride

In particular prose

That produces pride

Precluding prejudice

And reinforcing

That we are all beautiful

We are all incredible

Taking back the lives

Prison cells have degraded

And politics have escalated

In the name of peace and power

In the name of something

That we cannot even see