Leaking Gas

There’s a misery that leaks into the night now

And footsteps that are neither closer

Or further

Than they were the day before

There’s a whisper of a coming war

And choking up tears is no longer adequate

Someone demands a sacrifice

Not of blood, wealth, or power

But of the mind

Somewhere, someone needs not to be seen

Just heard, and with open minds we can sense

Everything that’s ever been needed by anyone

The misery wants to keep us slow

The misery wants to keep us silent

And most importantly

The misery wants us to believe

That there was never anything wrong

In the first place


Snuffed Out

Vast nothingness shrouded in eternal cold

And in my mind, the clocks go ticking on

Through the summer heat, moist and feasible

Winters freezing yet unable to stop thoughts

That we’ll never make it to the end

Faces in palms as the aliens come not by sky

But torment us by cutting our feet from below

We’ve built stations to watch for green men

Yet I see zombies torment the dry ground

The future is not tomorrow, but today

Every second passing is another body

Cast into the miserable fray

Deception is the second language of man

And we understand it all too clearly

Until it’s used by our makers,

then it’s gibberish

Squealing weasels snuffed out in the dark

Tightropes Are Meant To Be Crossed

Walking the tightrope

Between heaven and hell

Day and night

Peace, and a passive aggressive obsession

With every single beat of your heart

Any change in direction is dutifully noted

So too does my wavering path

Wane into starlight

A fixed gaze renders injury meaningless

For every fall is met with a stronger will

To remain upright, for that is how I see you

Hardly perfect, but living with perfect passionA

Born timid, taught to be silent, but grown

Into the very meaning of defiance

The distance

between perfection and the present

Is a little bit of obsession

To stand in between the man who created you

And the man you’ve become

And telling him

I have no regrets, I’m happy

I’m home

They Do

Memories don’t pester me

But they do render speechless

A mind that hopes to forget

The inconsolable pain of being forgotten

Alone in the past, present, and future

These words are my wounds

Tears my sutures

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the mind

To just quit on life

Every suicidal thought birthed a greater desire

To prove to my mind that I could do

The impossible

And, forgive me

If you can

For trying to make myself better without you

I guess, after the umpteenth failed attempt

It was realized that I didn’t need your drug

No stimulus needed, just open my third eye

Just keep breathing

find my way through time

I Can’t Dream

Finally, we see your dark side

In light of every burning effigy

And molten forest

This full moon magic is on display

For everyone to witness in simplicity

There is always space and time for history

We can reserve a spot in lore for centuries

Eternity, here’s my number

The stars burn out and leave us weeping

I feel insanity will always have us dreaming

Of a world that is peaceful and prosperous too

No more war, politics, and in plain view

The obsessive desires to destroy all matter

For the sake of one nation

At the expense of all

I can’t sleep, because everyone else still is

I can’t dream, because nobody else will arise

I can’t die, because the world already did

I can’t live, because no one will let me be

Far Away

Why’d you call

When you know I wouldn’t

Where did you get off thinking

What were we, to either of us

Who did you tell

I only come once in a blue moon

But when I do, it’s because I needed you

Not for us, but because I





And honestly, quite susceptible

To irrational presumptions of guilt and doubt

But you

You steady me, somehow

And I feel sure of my path

So always light it

Even when I’m far away

Silent, Somewhere

Dash down the sidewalk at 2 am, the streets never felt so hot. Pushing, panicking. This street never seemed so long. The car followed me at a steady pace. I looked back every few minutes to see if she’d let me go. She couldn’t let me go. I had enough of her monthly check-ups. Snapshots of dinners with her boyfriend. I just wanted someone like her, not her. I wanted a life like that, not this. I stopped to catch my breath. The car came to a sudden standstill. Panting, I gazed behind me. The driver side door opened slowly, and she brushed the hair from her face. She mouthed something that would have been incoherent to every other human being, but I, I knew what she wanted.

She wanted me back, but I didn’t want to go back. I would always be her new moon. Silent, still, but somewhere, there.

All That’s Left

It’s either as if I never left

Or you were never there

The sun rises and sets

Stars alight the darkest roads

Then disappear to teach the others

I’ve watched and listened

To everyone telling me to let you go

I told myself to let you go

But, I don’t listen very well

And even when I felt my lowest

Something told me to look up

So I did

And while you weren’t there

The sky was

And then I remembered

All that I had left to conquer

As If She Never

Start, when the hand says stop

Stop, as the cars are coming

Oh, they’re coming so fast

But, take my hand and never let go

Feel my fingers grip yours so tightly

The heartbeats coursing mightily

And the love that inspired us, and inspires us

To always be


Keep me wild, keep me dreaming

Groaning, moaning, begging

Because every second without you

Is another eternity passed in anguish

Keep me humming, keep me looking

One day, I’ll see you walk through that door

And it’ll be as if you never left

Looking Up

Something about her complexion

It doesn’t spell love or a need for affection

Rather, there’s a solemn silence that begs

Why do you love? Why do you think you can?

I’m baffled by the confidence, the bravado

To challenge my advances, be unashamed

Turning me away not in spite of me

But because I am not what can satisfy her

Fully, without doubt, without regret

She is someone that I’ll always adore

From afar, watching her dance late at night

To songs I’ve never heard, watch her sing

With sounds I can only dream of hearing

Born wildflower, captain of gravity

And master of unexplainable wonders

Sometimes I call her flawed, other times friend

But always a star I can look up to

Always human