Loose Bolts


The Problem Is Me

There’s nothing left inside
Neither strength nor compassion
Peace nor prosperity
Love not hate
Just a fishing line with no bait
I’m dining a restaurant without a plate
I have the will, but lack the tools
Compassion, but without the mood to do
Love, but the animosity towards cowardice
It may seem as hate
So many people to call out, I’m left exhausted
Eight to ten people clamoring for my place
I can write until Titan collides with the moon
I can write until I finally receive the solution
To my pain
I can write until I finally feel accomplished
But nothing can fill the hole she left
No accolade can mend this broken bridge
No action
Except to drive off of it
And be allowed to forget it even existed
Let’s face it, I’m never to find her
Not with such combustible personality
Quick to anger as I’m quick with words
Slow to catch on as I’m fast to bring the action
Chasing my own tail, the problem is me
My own tales, my own fails, my own mess
All weighing down a once eager chest
Now I take my time around corners
I’ve been shot in the back before
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What Have You Done?

Clamped shut

By the eternal darkness

The moon turns away from my pathway

Even starlight fails to reach my feet

Hell sweeps up the dust of faded memories

They take shape and taunt

Today and tomorrow hide in the absence

Of honesty, of purity, and of sanity

Mind and body crumble, unable to evade

The ever present interdependent pain

Of breathing lungs and thinking brains

That deserve not life nor rights

But receive anyway

Deserving the highest form of pain

Yet given a second chance in spite of me

The mercy and grace is unbearable

Reflecting upon the burns on your hands

And the empty womb of an infertile heart

Feeling the cries of children you left for lost

Inconceivable wreckage lasting for millennia

What have you done?

To secure the futures of Mother Earth

Before Father Time takes you back?

Who created the sea and the land

That we pollute and irreversibly condemn?

Shame on our breath, shame on our hands

The spirits dance in unison for our disarray

We created, then created too much

We thought, then thought not enough

Living until we loved everyone but ourselves

Loving until we lived for everyone

But ourselves

Liberal Promises Amidst Tragic Nothing


Seven letter word to describe the bottom

When there’s nowhere else to go

And every resource has been exhausted

Time’s ticking

And deathbeds are calling

You’re past hunger, you’re past pain

Past ever seeing anyone ever again

Now you’re waiting for everything to fade

And something, anyone, to call you


Or hell, because it’s not as if

You wouldn’t deserve it

This life is filled with escapes and evidence

The point is whether you use them, believe

For a moment, that everyone is a lie

And everything you’ve been taught is backwards

Who would you trust, and why

Life is a hopscotch game done blind

No rhythm, no rhyme, just imaginary clocks

Wrapped around thick glocks burning shots

At single mothers hurried around the block

Bam, bam the hood’s gone up in flames

Choppers circle with the beaming lights

Midnight firefight, will our people ever get it right

Gun run, drug bust, turning sunny days

To endless night, don’t blame the whites

They didn’t create these ghettos

Or tell our fathers to leave

Doctor King said he had a dream, not a reality

It’s up to us to make it true, but we never will

Too busy falling for every democrat

Any liberal that promises more aid digs a deeper well, and we aren’t well

Nobody who says one life is worth more

Than another is sane

Obama didn’t help us

And neither will a guy in a shiny cat suit

We’ve been taken for a loop and we can’t get off

Can’t seem to remedy the loss

Because we won’t accept our part in the problem

Pass it off on the patriarchy, white privilege

The flaws of straight white men

But wasn’t it straight white men that saw slavery

Was wrong

Moral comes without color or gender, get that

We’ve run up a bill, and death’s come with the check

No layaway, no pay as you go

All or nothing

And until we give something

We’ll be left with what we’ve got