Lost And Cold

this world is lost and cold this world crests and folds this world stinks and sours this world gives birth and devours sink or swim, you’ll find dead bodies encased in bedrock depravity always believing in eternal gravity dead bodies you used to love, called friends bodies that wrapped around each other spaghetti in a … Continue reading Lost And Cold

Trapped In Trauma

solid pine with faint lines springs creak and release leaning in to plant a kiss but I’m not there I’m never not trapped within a guilty conscience created by my own hands? possibly a suit of armor around my inner feelings tripwire laid between the outside and my emotions they get me in trouble, they … Continue reading Trapped In Trauma

Speaking Through The Silence

Time steals us away Caverns of memories lost forever Without the benefit of a doubt That we wouldn’t come back to each other Silence is a dishonest chord Playing on into the day, ringing loud Through the dark night of my soul It’s not are you okay It’s are you okay My heart slows down … Continue reading Speaking Through The Silence

Consumptions Of Our Devotion

there’s nothing holding me back from telling you the truth what matters to me is you and you accommodate the matter of heart the mind is consumed, swallowed whole deep within the mouth of the beast behind the silence and ragged mannerisms is conscious ether, coursing and caring for you, sunshine I never stop hoping … Continue reading Consumptions Of Our Devotion

My Mother

July rainfall scatters sound into the distance scaffolding screeches under pressure scared little ants hide underneath the balcony scarfing down the water are the gutters scolding me, her eighteen year old heady, willful, and wandering son August and September, we don opposing color blue and silver hardly align with red and gold I’m young, she … Continue reading My Mother